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Got a question about an office technology or graphic arts print trend, or want an explanation about a new buzzword? We answer your questions here.

The title says, "What is greenlighting?"
What is greenlighting?
What is greenlighting? It's a term that's been popping up more in environmental posts, so here's an explanation with a scenario included.
Apps available on the Xerox App Gallery
Which Apps Are Currently Available in the Xerox App Gallery?
A regularly updated post listing the products available on the Xerox App Gallery, which you can access on your Xerox multifunction printer.
The text says, "What is a print industry end-to-end ecosystem?"
What is a print industry end-to-end ecosystem?
In this post, we reveal the meaning of a print industry end-to-end ecosystem and list the benefits of one.
The text says, "What is a Single-Function Printer (SFP)?"
What is a Single-Function Printer (SFP)?
The printing industry is full of jargon. In this post, we define Single-Function Printer and what it means for you.
A picture of someone in profile with their index finger against their lips. The text says, "What is greenhushing?"
What is greenhushing?
Greenhushing falls under greenwashing, but what does it mean and how can you avoid it? We explain that and other terms.
The title says, "What is pantograph security?" There is an image of an ID card.
What Is Pantograph Security
What is pantograph security? In this post, we answer your question, and how you can get security markings on your documents.
The text says, "What is 'Beyond CMYK'?" There is a photo of a printed postcard sample highlighting gold and fluorescent pink by using Beyond CMYK.
What is 'Beyond CMYK'?
Until recently, most digital colour production print was produced with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K) inks or toners. No more! Here comes ‘Beyond...
The title says, "What is digital packaging?"
What is digital packaging?
What is digital packaging? In this article, we explain what it is, the benefits, and the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.
The title says, "Can Printers Run Apps?" There is a photo of text defining the word 'app'.
Can Printers Run Apps?
Can printers run apps? In the following post, we explore app-enabled printers and some of the things they can offer.
The text says, "Can I use Xerox apps without a printer?" There is a photo of a woman with her hand on her chin, thinking, and hand-drawn question marks float above her.
Can I use Xerox apps without a printer?
You can use Xerox apps on your multifunction printer (MFP), but can you use them on your laptop or smartphone? If so, which apps?
The text says, "What is the Xerox App Gallery?"
What is the Xerox App Gallery?
We answer what the Xerox App Gallery is, how to use it, which apps are available and more in this article.
The text says, "What is VIPP?"
What is VIPP?
In this article, we answer what VIPP is, how it simplifies PostScript commands, and how it connects to Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite.
What is the difference between PDF and PDF/VT?
What is the difference between PDF & PDF/VT?
What are the similarities and differences between PDF & PDF/VT? Alongside this, we explore the history of PDFs and mention EPUB file formats.
What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?
What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?
We explore what RGB is, when to use it, and how it differs from CMYK.
The text says, 'What Is A Workplace Assistant?' There is a photo Xerox AltaLink.
What Is A Workplace Assistant?
Xerox often uses the term 'Workplace Assistant' when writing about their devices and technology, but what does it mean? We provide answers in this post.
The text says, 'What is a Distributed workforce?'
What is a distributed workforce?
What is a distributed workforce? We examine the meaning and its positives and negatives.
The title reads, 'Are Printers Becoming Obsolete?' There is a photo of many question marks on individual bits of paper.
Are Printers Becoming Obsolete?
Is print dead? Are workplace printers still necessary? We answer all and look towards the future at commercial opportunities and 3D printing.
The title reads, 'What is a Digital Nomad?' There is a photo of a model plane on top of a globe.
What is a Digital Nomad?
What is a digital nomad? Is it the same as remote working? We define and explain all in this post.
The title says, "Clear toner for digital printing."
Clear toner for digital printing
Clear toner can be used for single elements, for texture, for security. We answer all your questions.
The title says, "What is zero-trust?"
What is zero-trust?
We explore what ‘zero-trust’ means and investigate some of its drawbacks.
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The title says, "Whitelisting explained: Why it's important for your printer."
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The title says, "What is the flop index?"
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