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Benefits of XMPie

Software or App?

XMPie software offers you full control and is perfect for variable marketing communications. With live data-driven VDP across multiple different print and digital channels, you can coordinate and monitor omnichannel campaigns quickly and efficiently. You can also use XMPie to offer storefronts to your customers to power web-to-print orders. The explosion in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also having an impact on XMPie. With integrations to ChatGPT and Amazon Polly, you can create personalised messaging – fast. Integration and automation via Zapier to Hubspot make XMPie enormously powerful for marketers and printers alike.

There is also a free ‘Connect for XMPie‘ free app for Xerox office printers (MFP). The app allows you to select pre-existing templates and personalise prints with names or other data in seconds. You can watch a video recorded in our showroom.


XMPie lets you personalise automated marketing materials to customers without manually creating new materials for each recipient. With a workflow designed with Adobe in mind, and integrations across CRMs, AI providers and other services, the software is getting ever more dynamic.

To offer an example. Say you’re selling coffee from a shop in a small town. You have a mailing list with names and email addresses and consent to contact these customers. XMPie allows you to design multiple versions of, first, a traditional mailout. You might use XMPie to add a ‘Welcome, Mary!’ on Mary’s flyer, and a QR code that will bring up directions from her home to your shop. Next, you create an email campaign that looks consistent, your recipient’s initials appear on the coffee cup in the header image. When Jack clicks on the link in the email, he will land on a personal landing page, where a video shows the same coffee cup with his initials on. From the landing page, he can request a loyalty card. Using XMPie, you can ensure Jack receives a personalised pack with vouchers and imagery that suit him. You can even send him an email to say its on its way that includes an audio message designed just for him.

If you’re a commercial printer, then you can use XMPie initially to set up ‘store fronts’, potentially for multiple customers. Imagine you have a university client and car dealership client that both order regularly. You can badge their own store pages and stock them with the templates that they use most – business cards, document wallets, digital packaging, whatever it might be.  

If that weren’t enough, you can even use XMPie to design graphics on 3d objects. Want to put your customers’ faces on their cans of beer? With XMPie, you can.

XMPie is software you can use to personalise marketing campaigns across print and digital media (cross-media). It can be used to personalise communications.

XMPie’s tag line is ‘Many Channels. One Conversation’. At its most impressive, XMPie puts the individual at the centre of consistent messaging and branding across print, social media, web, video, email and other digital content using a live database to personalise text, images and video.

The technology is becoming ever more integrated, automated and intelligent with connectivity to multiple other programmes through Zapier or by communicating with ChatGPT to generate personalised text, for example.

There is also a free Xerox app that allows you to use the technology more simply. For example, you can create a calendar with someone’s name on it in seconds from your MFP. To see how that’s done, watch the video here demonstrating how to use XMPie on a Xerox AltaLink C8130.


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XMPie improves communications by speeding up workflows, promotes design consistency, and enriches your relationship with customers by allowing you to tailor specific content to them. 

XMPie was founded in 2000 and constantly evolves to benefit its users.

Recently, it has promoted sustainability and partnered with Adobe to streamline content creation. In 2023, there is a continued focus on getting the most from AI and increasing integration and automation.

‘Connect for XMPie’ is a free app that works on Xerox’s office machines. It allows you to select pre-existing templates and personalise prints with someone’s name on it in seconds. If you’d like to try it for yourself, please get in contact with our team.

This is different to the full XMPie software, which is much more involved and works in tandem with the Adobe Creative Suite. The software offers storefronts and intelligent pathways for customer journeys. It acts as a Customer Communications Management (CCM) tool.

Yes, XMPie works with Adobe.

For example, you can create projects in InDesign and use XMPie’s capabilities to easily change elements like images, text, and colour schemes. Watch the video above to see how that’s done.

More information can be found on XMPie’s website.

In 2023, XMPie won BLI Pacesetter Award for Sustainability. To learn more, please refer to our article detailing why XMPie received this recognition.

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