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Xerox Workflow Central

Documents in, transformed documents out – with or without a printer.

Document Transformation

Convert, translate, summarise, merge, redact, protect and more.

Benefits of Xerox Workflow Central

Microservices: Xerox Workflow Central makes it easy to switch a document from one form to another, even hard copy and digital. The idea is to break down barriers that slow work down, making it possible to transform documents between formats at the touch of a button on even the smallest Xerox printers - or with no printer at all!

Why Choose Xerox Workflow Central?

Work is powered by documents – it’s just they’re not always hard copies any more!

What happens when you need to convert a PDF back into Word? Or when you have a hard copy you want to edit? Or when you want to convert your handwritten notes? For these and loads of other transformations, we’d like to introduce you to Xerox Workflow Central.

Workflow Central is a bundle of powerful tools to transform documents at the touch of a button or screen. You can access it from your printer, or any connected device – maybe your iPad or laptop.

The platform is available as a subscription starting at £8 a month (covering all users and devices). You can also add Workflow Central as part of your Managed Print Services with First Copy. 

Since its launch, Workflow Central has developed to include all the following transformations:

Convert to MS Office (change that PDF to Word)
Redact (automatically remove sensitive data)
Translate (change the language without losing formatting)
Convert to Audio (listen to that huge report on the commute)
Handwriting to Text (digitise meeting notes at the touch of a button)
Merge (join documents together quickly)
Summarise (cut down to the key points)
(control who can see what – and how many times)
Send Fax (secure faxing, if you need it)
Convert to PDF (convert any image file to a searchable PDF)

To maximise productivity, you can even run more than one transformation in the same workflow. Even better, you can use the Workflow Automation Tool to create customised workflows that run automatically – sit back and let Workflow Central run in the background.

*There are two tiers of subscription: Starter and Advanced. You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually. The Starter subscription includes single workflows (except Protect). Advanced (starting at £9.50) brings you combinations, custom workflows and the automation tool.

We introduced Xerox Workflow Central in July 2021. Since then, it has evolved, gaining more workflows – there are 10 now in 2024!

Use the Xerox Workflow Central platform straight from your PC, mobile phone, tablet or Xerox printer. If you already have Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) with ConnectKey technology (including Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink) then you can access it from there.

In addition, the platform works through the Xerox Print and Scan Experience, which means it can be accessed from most Xerox small and home workgroup printers, too.

We talk a lot about Xerox ConnectKey apps. Typically, you use these from your multifunction printer (MFP), although some can be accessed from any laptop or smartphone.

Xerox Workflow Central can run from a multifunction printer alongside other apps (if you want it to).  However, Workflow Central was designed to work from any connected device at any time, so it isn’t limited to printers that can run the Xerox App Gallery.

Secondly, the platform is a bundle of processes with a single access point. ConnectKey apps are usually designed to perform one process or workflow. Workflow Central brings transformations together for more flexibility.

Lastly, the charging might be different. With an app, you might pay once (if at all) to download an app to a single device or pay for a set amount of credits. With Workflow Central, you pay a subscription covering all its associated workflows for unlimited users and devices across your organisation, up to each usage threshold.

To give some examples, you might pay £8/month for 100 credits on the standard version or £9.50 for the Advanced. That said, you can also choose to bundle apps or Workflow Central into a Managed Print Service contract instead.


Been sent a PDF? Only have a hard copy or an image file? Don’t worry, you can transform your document back into editable digital MS Office file with Xerox Workflow Central.

Blocking out personally identifiable data can be time-consuming.

With Xerox Workflow Central, you can redact information automatically – just choose which data (e.g. names or birth dates) you want removed and let the platform do the rest.

This tool is a great help if you deal with sensitive information or personally identifiable information because it reduces the possibility of human error and data breaches. What’s more, it supports both digital and paper documents.

Learn more about the process.

Merge up to five different documents together to create new master files.

You can combine two or more Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDFs into one, or insert one into another.

Add up to three levels of security to your document with a clever ‘security wrapper’.

  1. Track views
  2. Track viewers (who and how often)
  3. Restrict and Track viewers (viewers of your choice and how often)


You can set expiry dates and/or view limits. If you send something in error, you can expire it immediately if necessary.

What’s more, you can limit opens to certain domains e.g. just those internal to your organisation. 

You can even see who has screenshot documents or stop them from being printed.

The Protect workflow is available in the Advanced package only.

More people are working more flexibly. That means more people working at a distance from larger office multifunction printers (MFPs). As the world of work changes, it’s essential that workers can still access productivity tools that they might once have relied on in a central office.

With Xerox Workflow Central, team members can access the most popular document workflow solutions from home, from a meeting room, or even from the beach, as long as they have a connected device – a smartphone, laptop or tablet. So, working in hybrid locations doesn’t stop workers translating documents, merging PDFs, summarising reports and more at the touch of a button.

What’s more, if your home workers now have a Xerox desktop printer in their home office, they can bridge the gap between hard copy and digital quickly and easily via the same platform. It’s simple to offer high-quality scanning and printing as well as digital-to-digital transformations wherever your colleagues work.

Scan in (via printer or phone camera) and turn your document into an MP3 audio file.

Perfect for people that prefer listening to reading.

Learn more here.

No need to type up all your notes: just scan or photograph and Xerox Workflow Central can convert your handwriting into an editable Word file.

Learn more about handwriting to text in our Your Questions post.

Convert your document into more than 40 languages at the touch of a button – without losing the formatting!

Also available as the Print and Translate app.

Does what it says on the tin – send faxes securely through Workflow Central, eliminating the need to find an elusive fax machine in a convenience store or library.

Transform images into PDF/A or Text Searchable formats – if it’s hard copy just scan or take a photo to get your image file.

Learn more.

Xerox Workflow Central is great as a tool to swap one format into another. But it’s even better when your workflows are automated.

With the Workflow Automation Tool, you can sit back and let your software proactively solve your problems.

Using ‘if-this-then-that’ conditional programming, you can set up the Tool for regular manual tasks and let it get on with them automatically.

For example, if you’re emailed a particular report each month, you can tell Workflow Central to look for it in your email and then follow a set of workflows e.g. if you see this monthly report, then transform it to a Word document and put it in that place.

This is workflow automation software that saves you time on manual tasks to increase productivity and streamline business process management.

More information in the launch article.

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