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Xerox PrimeLink

Bridging the gap between professional, high-end office print and the commercial print room.

C9065/70 or B9100

A great option for colour or black and white environments, the PrimeLink represents the evolved Xerox C60.

Benefits of Xerox PrimeLink

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"The team at First Copy have been taking care of our printers for some time...always easily contactable, very approachable and willing to help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently."
Trustpilot Review, 2022
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PrimeLink FAQs

Best-in-class image quality, Xerox App Gallery and quick swap CMYK+ Technology: the Xerox PrimeLink builds on the exceptional reputation of the Xerox Colour 60/70 (C60). Offering reliable, sharp, automated, secure entry-level production printing to graphic arts-rich offices and professional print rooms, the Xerox PrimeLink could be your perfect partner. 

We have offices in Cambridge, Snetterton (Norfolk) and Framlingham (Suffolk). Our helpdesk is in Cambridge and our analysts across East Anglia can travel to you when needed.  Increasingly, remote fixes can be performed in minutes.

Yes! If you would like to see products printed on a PrimeLink, please get in contact with us.

Yes, you can print on wide and thick stock. Plus, Xerox PrimeLink C9065/70 printers can handle Extra Long Sheets (XLS).

First Copy has the knowledge, experience and portfolio to support you with professional print devices, solutions and services.

We pride ourselves on the fact that you can speak to the same person more than once and get to know our team.

The technical team continue to provide support in the field and at the end of the phone (or email) local to you. Our help desk offers remote support and regularly beats its targets for resolving issues on the spot. Should your enquiry require further investigation, our team are trusted to dispatch the call to Xerox themselves, without another call centre. Most of our competitors cannot offer the same. 

Our priority is our customer relationships and our goal is to build partnerships. By listening to you, we can spot the places that new and proactive technologies could improve your flexibility, productivity and even wellbeing (e.g. touchless printing solutions). This holds true regardless of whether your working environment has changed through the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps becoming more hybrid and digital-first, and encompassing home printing.

First Copy is investing in the future while valuing its past three decades as experts with Xerox. The business continues to grow and develop as exciting advances are made in print, software solutions and services. 

With a PrimeLink C9065/70 you can use speciality toners called CMYK+. These toners include the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Clear
  • Fluorescent

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