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Xerox Kiosk

Attract new revenue by offering customers print services at your premises.

Convenient Print Services

On-demand print, copy, fax, and scan to email services suitable for any location.

Benefits of Xerox Kiosk

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We have recently purchased a Xerox printer from First Copy. The process was made simple and easy, and the one issue we did have with the printer was immediately addressed and attended to by First Copy. We would certainly recommend them!
Trustpilot Review, 2022
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Why Use Xerox Kiosk?

Offering print services at your business can draw in new customers, increase foot traffic and therefore boost revenue. It’s suitable for cafés, shops and public spaces. Libraries, gyms, and reception rooms can also benefit.

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Customer self-serve

There's no need for extra staff to operate it.

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Easy management

Xerox Kiosk is quick to set up and supports remote administration.

Touchless technology

QR codes can be used to speed up transactions.

Xerox Kiosk FAQ

Everything you need to know about Xerox Kiosk. The product was launched in May 2023 – read the article here.

Read our launch article for an overview.

It’s as simple as placing a Xerox multifunction printer at your place of work (café, hotel, shop, library, gym etc.) and setting up Xerox Kiosk on it. 

Then, it’s over to the customer. Below is a workflow of how they will use the Kiosk.

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How Xerox Kiosk works.


There is something for every business as these Xerox devices range in sizes from less than 40cm tall to floor-standing.

Some of the above products are no longer sold new.

There are currently two options: subscription or revenue share.

If you decide to subscribe, it gives you ownership of the printer and use of Xerox Kiosk. This method means you’ll receive all the revenue from transactions, control pricing, and hassle-free contracted services and printer supplies (paper and toner).

On the other hand, if you chose the revenue share model, you won’t own the Xerox device. Instead, you’ll work with us at First Copy, and share the transaction revenue. As a business partnership, we would need to evaluate the business case for this option.

For more information, please read the Xerox Kiosk launch article.

No, users only need to scan a QR code using their personal devices. Then, instructions will be displayed.

Yes, since customers do not need to join a public network (just scan the QR code instead).


Please contact us, and we will discuss the next steps with you.

You can phone us on 01223 811311, email, or use the form below.

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