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Learn more about why businesses like yours are choosing Xerox apps, both on and off printer.

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Why Use Xerox App Gallery?

The Xerox App Gallery (with ConnectKey Apps) brings workflow apps to your printer or multifunction device. No longer just for your smartphone or tablet, apps on your printer interface open up a world of opportunities to do what you need to do directly from your MFP. For example, you could:

  • Transform your printed documents into editable, digitised Word or Excel files

  • Store, retrieve, share, check or translate files – and even convert them to audio

  • Connect to the cloud to scan and print via your existing storage solution

  • Summarise documents into short and concise abstracts

  • Route documents securely to whomever needs them

  • Keep an eye on consumables orders and support calls

  • Transform your device into touchless technology for a Covid-Safe office

  • Print instant proposals, posters, visitor passes and much more from templates

  • Connect apps from your MFP to your existing business applications eg for contracts and forms (DocuSign, SalesForce, Sage, Clio, iManage, QuickBooks and many more week on week)

No servers or separate software solutions are necessary. Read on for more information about what the apps can do, and even how we can build something bespoke.

No, they are not difficult to install at all.

The Xerox App Gallery comes pre-installed on every Xerox printer or multifunction printer built with ConnectKey Technology – that includes all VersaLink, AltaLink and PrimeLink devices as well as some others.

Browse and install apps from the interface, just as you would on your smartphone. (NB paid-for apps can only be downloaded by administrators). If you have a fleet of enabled printers across your network, then you can also access the App Gallery from your PC, allowing you to simultaneously install apps across multiple devices.

Some apps don’t even need a printer. See for example, Xerox Team Availability App.

Invest in printer apps because your multifunction printer is exactly that – multifunctional.

Without apps you are not getting the most from your machine.

Transform your processes, simplify your business tasks, automate repetitive tasks and even remove some manual steps altogether. Increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve your team’s productivity with smarter, more secure and more intelligent ways to get your jobs done.

Apps are everyday technology now, which means minimal training is necessary – your staff already use them on phones and computers, so they’ll be up and running with printer apps in no time.

That’s a difficult question! It all depends on a particular business or organisation’s needs.

Some of the most popular workflows are instant translation, auto-redaction, handwriting to Word file and summarisation.

In terms of Connector apps, some of the most popular include Connect for DocuSign, Salesforce and Quickbooks.

However, these are just a few options from a long (and getting longer!) list.

Let’s talk!

Just because what you need doesn’t exist as an off-the-shelf App doesn’t mean our analysts can’t build what you need.

For example, First Copy has equipped businesses with scan and capture apps to simplify and automate their shipping notes. 

Xerox prides itself on offering security ‘out of the box’. One of the core principles of the Xerox App Gallery and ConnectKey Technology is Benchmark Security.

Your apps might connect to in-house or cloud-based solutions (or both), but either way, Xerox ConnectKey Technology uses the highest levels of security to keep your data safe and secure. Learn more on our ConnectKey Technology page.

Yes, both in terms of which apps you choose and where they sit on the screen.

No business has exactly the same needs as another, and for that reason you can customise your App Gallery to suit your particular requirements. One business might use Salesforce, Sage Accounting and Xerox Translate and Print, another Connect for Clio, Xerox Auto-Redaction and Track and Trace.

Create the suite of apps that works for the way you work, even at an individual or group level. For example, give your legal team different apps on their Home Screen compared to the marketing, sales and admin departments.

Xerox continues to win awards and accolades for its apps and workflow solutions.

This year (2021-2022) Xerox won a BLI PaceSetter Award in MFP App Ecosystem. The judges said that:

Xerox leads the way in MFP Apps. With more than 120 apps in its portfolio and 400 partners…its VersaLink, AltaLink and PrimeLink MFPs are true “workplace assistants.”

The Xerox App Gallery runs on VersaLink, AltaLink, PrimeLink and some older models. Some Apps work without a printer at all.

Home-based workers with smaller devices, for example, can access multiple workflows via Xerox Workflow Central instead of individual Apps. Your hybrid workers can still enjoy the convenience of many Xerox workflows, even without a large printer in their home.

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