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Got a question about an office technology or graphic arts print trend, or want an explanation about a new buzzword? We answer your questions here.

Text says, What is zero-trust? There is an image of a large, red, unlocked padlock surrounded by smaller, blue, locked padlocks.

What is zero-trust?

We explore what ‘zero-trust’ means and investigate some of its drawbacks.

What is cloud print?

We go back to basics to look at what cloud print is, why workplaces are moving print infrastructure to the cloud, and the pros and cons of doing so.

What is the Flop Index?

Xerox devices can produce output with a ‘high flop index’. But what does that mean? This post investigates what the index refers to and how it’s calculated.

Text says, Apps and workflows for the legal sector. There is a photograph of the word 'legal' in a dictionary.

Which Xerox apps and workflows support the legal sector?

If you work in the legal sector, you need apps and workflows that support you to be efficient, productive and secure. You might also need apps that make using software such as iManage, Clio or DocuSign simpler and less time-consuming.

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