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Xerox Workflow Central

All your favourite document transformations, with or without a printer.

Document Transformation

Convert, translate, summarise, merge, redact and more at the touch of a button.

Benefits of the Xerox Workflow Central

Xerox Workflow Central enables workers with even the smallest Xerox printers - or no printer at all - to access all the most popular workflows associated with larger multifunction printers (MFPs). Great news for home, hybrid and remote workers.

Why Choose Xerox Workflow Central?

Access a bundle of powerful office workflows with the Xerox Workflow Central platform – whether or not you have a Xerox printer or MFP. Now, you can access Xerox’s slick workflows from wherever you are, as long as you have a connected device.

Xerox Workflow Central currently includes a suite of secure conversion and transformation processes that bridge the gap between hard copy and digital. Workflow Central is Software as a Service (SaaS) and subscription packages covering all users and all devices start at just £8/month.

Processes with Xerox Workflow Central platform include:

Convert to MS Office
Convert to Audio
Handwriting to Text
…and a variety of pre-set combinations

Use the Xerox Workflow Central platform straight from your PC, mobile phone, tablet or Xerox printer. If you already have Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) with ConnectKey technology (including Xerox VersaLink and Xerox AltaLink) then you can access it from there.

In addition, the platform works through the Xerox Print and Scan Experience, which means it can be accessed from most Xerox small and home workgroup printers, too.

We talk a lot about Xerox ConnectKey apps. Typically, users access these from their multifunction printer (MFP), although some can be accessed from any laptop or smartphone.

Xerox Workflow Central can run from a multifunction printer alongside other apps, but it doesn’t have to be; it was designed to work from anywhere, at any time, so the MFP is a bonus not a pre-requisite to the software.

Secondly, the platform is a bundle of processes with a single access point. ConnectKey apps are usually designed to perform one process each.

Lastly, the charging is different. With an app, you might pay once (if at all) to download an app to a single device, or pay for a set amount of credits. With Workflow Central, you pay a subscription covering all its associated workflows for unlimited users and devices across your organisation, up to each usage threshold. For example, you might pay £8/month for 100 credits on the standard version.

Been sent a PDF? Only have a hard copy? Don’t worry, you can transform you document back into an MS Office file with Xerox Workflow Central.

Blocking out personally identifiable data can be time-consuming.

With Xerox Workflow Central you can redact information automatically, just choose which data and let the platform do the rest.

Learn more about the process.

Merge up to five different documents together to create new master files.

(Advanced package only)

More people are working more flexibly, and that means more people are working at a distance from larger office multifunction printers (MFPs). As the world of work changes, it’s essential that workers can still access productivity tools that they might once have relied on in a central office.

With Xerox Workflow Central, team members can access the most popular document workflow solutions from home, from a meeting room, even from the beach, as long as they have a connected device – a smartphone, laptop or tablet. So, working in hybrid locations doesn’t stop workers translating documents, merging PDFs, summarising reports and more at the touch of a button.

What’s more, if your home workers now have a Xerox desktop printer in their home office, they can bridge the gap between hard copy and digital quickly and easily via the same platform, allowing high-quality scanning and printing as well as digital-to-digital transformations.

Scan in (via printer or phone camera) and turn your document into an MP3 audio file.

Learn more here.

No need to type up all your notes: just scan or photograph and Xerox Workflow Central can convert your handwriting into an editable Word file.

Learn more about handwriting to text in our article.

Convert your document into more than 40 languages at a touch of a button – without losing the formatting of your document!

Also available as the Print and Translate app.

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