Why First Copy?

Learn more about our story, our value proposition and why you should choose us as your office technology partner. 

Why Choose Us?

Investing for the future, informed by our past.

Three interconnected circles. They are labelled trust, know-how, and portfolio.


Partnerships that last and grow.


30 years industry experience.


The full Xerox range and more.


Saving you time, money and hassle.

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Always helpful and good service. No complaints having used First Copy for 15 years.
Trustpilot Review, 2022
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Our Values

First Copy is all about relationships. We are dedicated to customer service, and that, together with 30 years of industry knowledge as Xerox partners, makes us an excellent option for your print, technology and solutions needs.

You can trust us to provide outstanding service, market-leading technology and knowledgeable people: we are the local face of a global brand.

First Copy is active in the community, building relationships and partnerships throughout East Anglia and beyond. Most obviously, you might have seen our branding on a Cow About Cambridge in 2021 and a T.rex in Norwich in 2022! We started sponsoring the Girls’ U14s Bottisham Bobcats football team in 2023. We also hope to see you at B2B events in the coming months.

The team at First Copy is well aware of the value of relationships built on trust. We value the fact that our customers can talk to the same person more than once, and endeavour to build relationships that last. We have customers that have stuck with us through three decades!

We are big enough to install the entire Xerox range but small enough for you to get to know key members of our team. That includes your account manager and our specialist analysts, as well as named members of the administration and logistics teams.

In February 2019, Alinea Partners presented us with a Gold Award for Customer Experience, an accolade of which we are very proud.

For us, it’s not about a race to the bottom on price per page. We offer a partnership that provides the best value now and throughout your contract. We will be here when you need support – not just when we sell you the box. It’s that loyalty and service that we believe keeps people with us year after year.

Our customers know that we will go out of our way to sort out any issues that arise at any point during our partnership. Sometimes, things happen – in any long-term relationship, there will be hiccups. We think it’s the way we deal with them that counts.

We have offices in Cambridge, Snetterton (Norfolk) and Framlingham (Suffolk). Our helpdesk is in Cambridge and our analysts across East Anglia can travel to you when needed.  Increasingly, remote fixes can be performed in minutes.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have in-house analysts and an in-house helpdesk. Our helpdesk regularly exceeds its remote support targets, and our team is trusted to despatch its own calls for engineers when necessary.

We have specialist analysts for the workplace and managed print solutions as well as production print environments. Our analysts are constantly learning and building their knowledge, going above and beyond the industry expectation from Xerox and other partners, including EFI Fiery.

Many of our analysts have been with us for more than a decade, building valuable experience through generations of Xerox printers, presses and solutions. If they don’t have the answers to your questions, they will know where to find them.

As part of our promise to you, our analysts will be contactable throughout your contract, ready to answer questions about your current and future needs. They can also help you with support and advice if you are not already a First Copy customer.

Our Partner status allows us to provide the full range of Xerox equipment, software and service, including its market-leading Managed Print Services (Intelligent Workplace Services) and cutting-edge digital and inkjet devices.

In addition, we work with solutions providers including PaperCut and finishing partners such as Duplo and Plockmatic Group. We also partner with Techdata for Tech-as-a-Service as well as smaller providers of office technology, from app creators to thermal screening specialists.

Like all businesses, we adapted our offer throughout the pandemic and beyond to keep up with what workplaces and print rooms need today.

In 2023, we reunited all of our products and services under one brand name: First Copy.

For the five years previous, we used the brand name FCC Innovation to brand our office products and services. FCC Innovation was/is a trading name while the registered company has always remained First Copy Corporation Ltd.

For those five years (2018-2023) the brand First Copy was used just to represent production/graphic arts devices.

First Copy began as a pioneer of the Xerox Concessionaire Channel in the UK in 1991 – we can’t believe that was more than 30 years ago, either! First Copy has always been a Xerox mono-branded partner.

First Copy has been a trusted supplier of printers, presses, software and Managed Print Services for more than thirty years.

Our technical team provide support in the field and at the end of the phone (or email) local to you. Our in-house helpdesk offers remote support and regularly beats its targets for resolving issues on the spot. Should your enquiry require further investigation, our team are trusted to despatch the call to Xerox themselves, without another call centre. Most of our competitors cannot offer the same. 

Our priority is our customer relationships and our goal is to build partnerships. By listening to you, we can spot the places that new and proactive technologies could improve your flexibility, productivity and even wellbeing (e.g. touchless printing solutions). This holds true regardless of whether your working environment changed during the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps becoming more hybrid and digital-first, and encompassing home printing.

First Copy is investing in the future while valuing its past three decades as experts with Xerox. The business continues to grow and develop as exciting advances are made in print, software solutions and services. 


The print industry faces challenges—supplies deliveries, stock availability, not to mention staff shortages caused by the pandemic. You need your business to remain efficient and productive to avoid hurting your bottom line.

Clearly, you want to make the right choice when it comes to a partner that can support you with your devices, solutions and services. Here is what we can offer over and above the Xerox Customer Expectations document.


  • The team get to know your needs and will do whatever they can to escalate issues and orders where necessary.

  • The HelpDesk regularly beats its targets for remote fixes during your first call. (Currently 47% vs a target of 40% (Oct-Dec 2021).

  • You can talk to the same person more than once instead of being passed around a call centre.

  • Even when things are difficult in the industry, we do everything possible to support you; throughout your contract and not just when we sell you the box.


  • Our in-house analysts have decades of print industry experience and are trained over and above the expected standards. Not all production partners can offer the same.

  • The analysts can discuss issues with Xerox engineers to find solutions and troubleshoot design and production problems.

  • Our account managers and analysts are available throughout our partnership to advise on solutions and equipment to build your business.

Relationships are everything to our business. As your production print partner, we’re in your corner and will do whatever we can to ensure you get the best service possible. We do our utmost to ensure resources are shared as fairly and swiftly as possible.

In any long-term relationship, there could be hiccups. As a business, we think it’s the way we deal with them that matters. We put our customers first throughout their contracts, not just at installation time – it’s why we’ve remained successful for more than thirty years.

FCC Innovation is a sister brand to First Copy.

In 2018, we moved our office products and solutions under the trading name FCC Innovation (from First Copy, a brand which now concentrates on production print). This was a significant move for us, reflecting the evolution of the print industry away from hard ‘copy’ towards digital documents.

The new brand allowed us to expand our office portfolio, beyond the print that we are known for. Today, we offer Tech-as-a-Service, hybrid working solutions and office wellbeing technology such as temperature check tablets and sanitisers.

In January 2023, we refreshed our logo and brand identity to accompany the reuniting of our office and graphic arts products on one website under one brand: First Copy.

Our updated ‘dot’ colours take inspiration from our former logos as well as the colours of our printer engines and the toners they house. 

While to some, ‘Copy’ might mean a printed page, to us it’s much more: digital copies, audio copies, secure copies, translated copies…copy is with us today in so many more forms than 30 years ago.

Historically, the First Copy brand appeared either by itself or alongside that for a sister brand, FCC Innovation.

The dots in our new logo carry a vibrant magenta, a dark blue inspired by the housing on a Xerox press and a lime green that harks back many years.  

We also use silver in graphic arts marketing (a colour now offered in our Beyond CMYK portfolio); we like professional print to sparkle!

You can read testimonials here on our website, or find reviews on Trustpilot and our various Google listings for each office.

We also feature case studies regularly, and are always looking to expand these to include new businesses and organisations. Please do contact us if you would like to feature!

Yes. Some of our more recent accreditations and awards (some of them for Xerox products and services we supply) appear below.

  • BLI winner for “Document Imaging Software Line of The Year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022” (Xerox, Keypoint Intelligence 2022)

Recent Company News and Awards

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