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Benefits of the SmartMister

"It’s free from any harsh chemicals. The solution is non-toxic and non-hazardous which is safe for human contact and the environment. It is also safe to use in food preparation areas and on clothing and packaging."
SmartMister FAQs

Why mist your premises?

We are all too familiar with COVID-19 and the impact it has had on life as we know it throughout 2020 and now into 2021. Coronavirus infection is usually spread through close contact with an infected person. This can happen:

  • via small droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected person which are then inhaled by another person

  • through touch contact between an infected and non-infected person

  • from a non-infected person touching a surface or object touched by an infected person, and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth

Along with the social distancing, frequent cleaning and regular hand washing, other mitigations come into play. For example, many businesses and venues use temperature check technology as a way to screen out symptomatic visitors. In addition, disinfecting premises using fog, mist, vapour or ultraviolet (UV) systems can also bring additional peace of mind.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) confirms that these last treatments may be suitable to help control the spread of the virus by cleaning and disinfecting a larger space or room. You should consider your own business or organisation risk assessments when deciding which risk controls to implement. Read more about this on the HSE website.

No. Firstly, misting and fogging are two different processes. It is essential that before undertaking any of these processes that users understand what they are doing and are properly trained. It is also essential that the device(s) you choose, along with the solutions you use them with, meet the appropriate standards and are authorised in the UK.

At FCC Innovation we have chosen to offer SmartMister products. The clue is in the name: this is a misting not a fogging product. These are the reasons we have chosen it:

  • The SmartMister works with a HOCl (hypochlorous acid) mist. HOCl is a tried and tested disinfectant that sanitises every surface the mist touches, killing 99.9999% of bacteria spores and viruses, including COVID-19, norovirus, E. coli and others, within seconds of coming into contact with them (sanitising a whole room takes longer, but when disinfectant meets pathogen it acts extremely fast)

  • As a smart device, the SmartMister can be automated to run at pre-programmed times or operated through an app or Alexa, offering the convenience of misting a room overnight

  • The HOCl solution used meets EU and NHS specifications. Unlike bleach, HOCl is only slightly acidic and has a pH that is skin friendly.

  • Fogging requires PPE, removal of various items from rooms etc. Misting with a SmartMister does not.

  • SmartMisters are affordable and treat up to 50m2 each. You can run multiple SmartMisters at a time if you have very large premises.

  • We are confident that the makers of SmartMister are actively pursuing emerging standards in addition to meeting existing regulations, including BSEN 1276, BSEN 13704 and EU Directives 1999/45/EC and 528/2012

  • The SmartMister is simple to use and comes with comprehensive instructions, Q&As and regulatory information

To answer this we need to explain what HOCl is. Firstly, you might remember from chemistry that the symbols are H (hydrogen), O (oxygen), and Cl (chlorine). HOCl is hypochlorous acid, a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water. Once dissolved, HClO and ClO- form. These are oxidisers and the primary disinfection agents.

We actually create hypochlorous acid inside our own bodies, and our immune systems uses it to attack bacteria. It’s been used in water treatment, food service and other sanitation processes for well over a century.

We know that HOCl is very effective as a disinfectant but the precise mechanisms by which it works are complicated. It is thought that when HOCl comes into contact with bacteria and viruses that it can inactivate key enzymes, disrupt nucleic acids and/or damage vital components of the pathogens, resulting in their destruction and/or inactivation. In this way, by misting with HOCl, the SmartMister can kill 99.9999% of pathogens the mist comes into contact with (log 6).

SmartMister technology is an additional step to improve the cleanliness and covid-safety of your workplace. It does not replace social distancing, hand washing or regular cleaning of your spaces, but it sits very well beside these actions to improve your coronavirus control measures, as does staff and visitor temperature testing.

It’s worth remembering that all of these measures don’t only help to control the spread of Covid-19 but also other coronaviruses, norovirus, and other illnesses spread by bacteria and viruses.

Yes, SmartMister is recommended for any indoor venue where people gather. SmartMister is simple to use, convenient and effective.

The makers suggest SmartMisters can be successfully used in offices, class rooms, care homes, clinics, cafes, dentists, shops – you name it.

Watch an interview with a Chiropractic Wellness Centre here.

Please call us to find out more about how they could help you.

We currently offer a standard model, a mini version, and the recommended solution to partner with both which provides enough HOCl to run the unit for 31 days.

If you think smart workplace sanitising is right for your organisation then we’d love to speak to you about SmartMister. Just fill in the form below or give us a call on 01223 811805. 

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