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Text says, 'MFD or MFP?' There is a young black woman wearing a yellow jumper, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop. She rests her head on her hand in thought.
What's the difference between an MFD and an MFP?
Multifunction device and multifunction printer - is there any difference between the two? We explain everything in our blog post.
The title says, "Colour Print Innovates with Versant 280 and Duplo Digital Cutting Table".
Norwich's Colour Print Innovates with Versant 280 and Duplo Digital Cutting Table
Colour Print invests in a new Xerox Versant 280 press and Duplo PFI 2+ Digital Cutting Table. They offer digital, litho and finishing.
The title says, "Xerox Versant 180 with Vivid and Fluorescent Toner Kits".
Upgrade your Xerox Versant 180 with Vivid and Fluorescent Toner Kits: Metallics and Adaptive CMYK+ have arrived!
If you have a Xerox Versant 180 (V180), you are almost ready to move into the embellishment and CMYK+ market. Today's exciting announcements mean...
The text says, "Introducing: Cambridge Standing Tall 2024."
What you need to know about Cambridge Standing Tall 2024
We answer all your questions about Cambridge Standing Tall and reveal who our artist is for the 2024 art trail!
What's The Difference Between The Versant 4100 And The Versant 280?
What's the difference between the Versant 4100 and the Versant 280?
In this month's blog, we reignite our love for the Versant 280 and 4100, asking what the differences are between the two and highlighting the...
The text says, "Growth for Cambridge Print Solutions with a Xerox Versant 4100".
Growth for Cambridge Print Solutions with a faster, higher-volume Xerox Versant 4100
Cambridge Print Solutions installed a Xerox Versant 4100 to work alongside their current Versant 180, increasing their print capabilities.