Windows Printer Installer for East Anglian Chambers

Please download the installer, then follow the steps below. If you have any issues with the download or subsequent steps, please contact First Copy on 01223 811311 or email These instructions are intended for East Anglian Chambers only.

These instructions are based on the Edge web browser.

1. The download may trigger a security warning such as this

2. To accept the download hover over the download and click the  menu (the ‘meatball’ menu)

3. From the action menu select Keep

4. Another warning will appear. Click the Show more option and then Keep anyway

5. Now click the download to begin the install

6. If you receive a SmartScreen warning click More info then Run anyway

7. When prompted click Yes to allow the installer to make changes to your device

8. Wait for the installer to finish. To complete the install, please restart your PC

9. After restarting, the East Anglian Chambers printers are now ready to use