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Speciality Toner

Gold, Silver, White, Clear and more for Xerox Iridesse, Xerox Versant and other platforms.

Genuine Xerox Toner

First Copy can supply specialty Xerox ‘Beyond CMYK’ toners for your digital press.

Benefits of Beyond CMYK?

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Speciality Toner FAQ

Today’s Beyond CMYK colours bring golds, silvers, clears, deep greens and blues and many more hues to your print room. 

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Clear
  • White
  • Low gloss
  • Fluorescent Yellow
  • Fluorescent Cyan
  • Fluorescent Pink

Please view our infographic below for a handy guide.

White toner

Clear toner

Fluorescent toners

First Copy can supply speciality toners for your Xerox Iridesse Production Press. Currently, ‘Beyond CMYK’ toners (i.e. not Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black) are not included within Managed Services and are purchased separately:

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press Gold Toner Cartridge

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press Silver Toner Cartridge

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press White Toner Cartridge

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press Clear Toner Cartridge

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press Low Gloss Clear Toner Cartridge

  • Xerox Iridesse Production Press Fluorescent Pink Toner Cartridge

First Copy can supply toner for your Xerox Versant 280 or PrimeLink with vivid and/or fluorescent colour kits. The colours are as follows:

  • Gold Toner Cartridge

  • Silver Toner Cartridge

  • White Toner Cartridge

  • Clear Toner Cartridge

  • Fluorescent Pink Toner Cartridge

  • Fluorescent Cyan Toner Cartridge

  • Fluorescent Yellow Toner Cartridge

White toner can used as an underlay to make other colours really pop!

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Pair It With Managed Services

Specialty toners are automatically delivered to you just as regulars toners are when you have a First Copy Managed Print Services contract.

Learn more about how MPS supports your business and its policies via the tiles below.

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Automatic Consumables

Simplify the management of your printer fleet with automated toner deliveries.

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Security and Compliance

Well-managed printers and MFPs can close vulnerabilities in your print network.

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Cut wasted paper, energy consumption and your carbon footprint with MPS.

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IT Integration

Seamless integration between Managed Services, infrastructure and software solutions.

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