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IWS and ConnectKey Security

Xerox devices are built with security in mind


Xerox User Analytics Data Communicator gives you Banking-level HTTPS security

Key details

Comprehensive security built into Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services and ConnectKey Technology

Xerox devices are built with security in mind:

  1. Prevent.

  2. Detect.

  3. Protect.

  4. External Partnerships.

We want you to be able to keep your devices up-to-date and compliant with your GDPR and data protection responsibilities, and Xerox can do that with:

  • automatic monitoring and remediation of security threats

  • print rules that ensure only authorised users can print and access documents

  • instant alerts to the relevant person when sensitive data is sent to print

Device Security

Every Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device is set up for security out of the box. You can find out more on our security ConnectKey pages.

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Secure Device Management

With Xerox’s Printer Security Audit Service, you get ongoing reporting and alerts via an interactive dashboard. This makes it simple to provide print security management right across your entire printer fleet. The dashboard brings into focus any issues and makes compliance reporting simple and adjustments an easy, visual process.

Software automatically scans and audits your print network in order to set-up device configurations remotely, keep an eye on compliance and remedy any firmware upgrade violations, password management issues and device settings anomalies.

When does this help you? In the event of…

  • a security breach

  • a network glitch where device(s) go down and lose security settings

…and if your current set up does not yet allow:

  • automated alerts to notify you of risk situations

  • automatic remediation of devices that are out of compliance

  • fast, end-to-end infrastructure settings audits for company printers and MFPs

  • full confidence in the security of your print network

Secure Document Management

We cover document management in more detail elsewhere, but it’s useful to know that the Xerox User Analytics Data Communicator protects your data in a myriad of ways. For example, it can take key personal information (like document and user names) out of your documents before uploading to secure cloud storage. This data is encrypted with banking-level HTTPS security, giving you the confidence to invest in printers that handle your data with security and privacy at the top of the agenda.

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