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Print Management

Ensure your printing is secure and wasted print is kept to a minimum.

Cost Control

Energy, security, sustainability, wastage: the sums add up.

Benefits of Print Management

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First Copy has enabled us to set ‘user rules’, which means we are able to work efficiently and cost effectively, but most importantly we are able to work securely with the sensitive data we handle
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Why Print Management?

Print management enables you to control printing costs and wastage, improve your environmental performance and prevent unauthorised access.

With our print management solutions, you can monitor and manage your printing. This reduces the hardware and administration costs of running your fleet while creating a flexible and scalable print environment.

Secure Print authentication for printed data on all of your printers (both Xerox and other manufacturers), gives you a competitive edge, as well as the option of working with your choice of industry-standard secure readers and cards. Assign each user with a unique login, set account limits, and track user activity centrally – allowing you to monitor resources and waste, and control output, in each area of the business.

You might wish to:

  • Allow users to access print jobs from any device

  • Assign unique PINS to your users so that they can release printing when convenient and safe

  • Reduce your energy costs and carbon emissions

First Copy can advise you on apps from Xerox’s Gallery, and talk to you about products including YSoft SafeQ and Papercut.

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Top Print Management Products

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PaperCut Hive

Manage and control the printing in your office and save money while reducing waste. PaperCut MF makes it easier

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