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IWS: Analytics

Plan and active a more connected and intelligent workplace

Analytics to plan and activate a more connected and intelligent workplace

Use the data you collect to create opportunity, and, in turn, impact.

Your office creates a lot of documents, might host a lot of users, and run a lot of processes. Xerox Analytics unlock that data to reveal opportunities to streamline tasks. Optimise, automate and improve how you do things to put your productivity and efficiency on an upward trajectory.

Use your analytics to:

  • Improve security – flag unauthorised printing and/or users

  • Identify paper-intensive processes and replace them with slick digital ones

  • Create an optimal print environment – the right devices in the right places with the right functionality

  • Meet your sustainability goals by printing only what you need to and lowering the carbon footprint of your office printers and technology

Device Analytics

We uses tools including the Xerox Rapid Assessment Tool, Asset DB and CompleteView Pro to understand your particular print environment, whether that includes Xerox or non Xerox devices (including Konica Minolta, Canon, HP etc).

What is your total cost of ownership (TCO) – we’ll look at value of functions as well as the traditional cost per page (or cost per click). What performance are you getting from your current devices and services?

We’ll take what we discover and design an intelligent solution that suits you and the layout of your office(s).

User Analytics

The Xerox User Analytics Service looks at your print management systems to see where you can save money, improve sustainability, drive a change to digital documentation and ensure benchmark security.

The Services lets you:

  • Identify peaks and troughs in your usage to adjust resources accordingly

  • See who is printed most, and who is using colour or duplex

  • Enforce print rules and policies

  • Plan for future needs

  • See dashboards that display and capture the true picture of your users’ behaviour

  • Find places where you could change processes for the better

  • View in-depth analysis of document and print costs

Document Analytics

Xerox’s Print Awareness Tool inspires your users to make smarter choices, showing the costs, both monetary and environmental of each print job. Using it helps to instil sustainable habits on a personal level. Each user sees their own dashboard showing costs, sustainability tips and ways to improve print efficiency. It’s just one way in which you can contribute to your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility.