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Mobile Print Solutions

Print on the go with today’s office technology and release your document when you reach the office.

Pull Printing

Improve security by only printing your data when you reach your multifunction printer (MFP).

Benefits of Mobile Printing

Print from your mobile phone

Whether you need to print from the train, a business meeting or simply without touching your office MFP, mobile printing technology can help.

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Xerox Mobile Print Solutions

Xerox Workplace Solutions (both on-premise and cloud) enable seamless mobile print.

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Touchless Print Solutions

Want to use your own device to avoid touching a shared machine? Let us help.

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PaperCut Mobile Solutions

Alternative software compatible with Xerox machines include PaperCut solutions.

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ConnectKey Technology

Cloud and mobile-ready, Xerox's ConnectKey Apps are built for today's hybrid workforce.

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We've used FCC for a long time, they've never steered us wrong. The company always seems to be evolving and expanding what it can offer, and constantly moving in the right direction. Everyone we've ever dealt with has been happy to help, chatty, and just always seems to go the extra mile to make sure the service they are providing is the best they possibly can. Would highly recommend.
Google Review, 2021
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What is mobile printing?

Mobile printing is exactly what it sounds like: printing documents from your mobile phone (or another device) or printing while you yourself are mobile (from any connected device).

So, whether you want to print while remote from your office, or from within a meeting, we can supply solutions that make that possible.

We can help you print from a mobile device to any brand of printer, allowing you to take full advantage of the connected workplace environment that is now within reach. Mobile print solutions are simple, flexible, convenient, and secure. Solutions include the use of mobile apps or email submission options.

Mobile print supports all popular document formats including Microsoft Office and .pdf.

Real life applications include:

  1. Printing from home and collecting hard copy in the office on demand (known as ‘pull printing’)
  2. Working from mobile devices while collaborating with colleagues and printing directly from your meeting, wherever you hold it
  3. Sending print by email over a wifi connection to collect later


Xerox’s ConnectKey apps have revolutionised mobile and cloud-ready printing with a consistent, user-friendly interface across all devices.

You may have heard of ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) or ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) for example. There has been enormous growth in ‘as a Service’ markets in recent years. There are several reasons for this:

  • Companies and customers want the most up-to-date technology and services

  • Models bring regular billing and ongoing support instead of a big up-front bill

  • Flexibility to adapt to new technologies and to grow infrastructure

We have offices in Cambridge, Snetterton (Norfolk) and Framlingham (Suffolk). Our helpdesk is in Cambridge and our analysts across East Anglia can travel to you when needed.  Increasingly, remote fixes can be performed in minutes.

Your opinions are wide ranging; thousands of devices are available through Tech-as-a-Service.

It’s a very flexible scheme, but here are some things that you might choose to do – numbers are not fixed as we would create you a bespoke package:

  • Supply of five PCs and thirty iPads for a classroom

  • Five home working ‘seats’ – phone, laptop, external monitor and keyboard, desktop printer and tablet for five of your remote employees

  • 25 office ‘seats’ – laptop and docking station, phone, tablet and a shared hallway printer/scanner

  • Laptops on lease for students or pupils

You are not limited to one particular brand or model of tablet, laptop, etc.

First Copy started offering IT Services and technology beyond print some time ago.

We began offering Tech-as-a-Service with our partners, Techdata, in 2020 in the midst of the first lockdown. It was obvious to us that other businesses needed to adapt fast, and that we were well placed to help.

Sourcing your print and your other office technology from the same provider makes things simpler for you to manage. We can even support you with telephony and VOIP if you wish.

Just as with our print services portfolio, we pride ourselves on the fact that you can speak to the same person more than once and get to know our team.

Our technical team provide support in the field and at the end of the phone (or email) local to you. Our in-house helpdesk offers remote support and regularly beats its targets for resolving issues on the spot. 

Our priority is our customer relationships and our goal is to build partnerships. By listening to you, we can spot the places that new and proactive technologies could improve your flexibility and productivity.

This holds true regardless of whether your working environment has changed through the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps becoming more hybrid and digital-first, and encompassing home printing.

First Copy is investing in the future while valuing its past three decades as experts with Xerox. The business continues to grow and develop as exciting advances are made in print, software solutions and services. 

There are plenty of good reasons for companies to switch to Tech-as-a-Service.

  • It’s cheaper and more flexible with predictable regular outgoings and no up-front capital costs. You can optimise your budget and simplify your billing, making asset administration simpler.

  • We offer a comprehensive range of laptops, tablets, phones, monitors, printers including all the big brands.

  • You can grow your infrastructure organically as your business grows or needs new types of devices.

  • You can combine your hardware and IT services support – and now your printer fleet.

  • It allows you to adapt as technology advances, rather than waiting to get the last penny out of devices you bought with a big capital outlay a few years ago (an ‘accelerated refresh cycle’).

  • Employees get the most up-to-date technology experience more quickly, improving their productivity.

  • No need to dispose of end of life devices – these are returned at the end of your subscription.

Each quote is bespoke, depending on your needs. However, we’ve put together some examples below including a popular Dell laptop for just £1.01 a day, a home worker setup for less than £20 a month and a classroom of iPads for less than £10 a day.

Our offer is powered by Tech Data.

First Copy SaaS pricing; an infographic.  

Leasing your office technology with Tech-as-a-Service may be more affordable than you think.

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