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Document Solutions

Software for office print management and office workflows.

Office Workflow

Is your office as flexible, productive and secure as it could be?

Benefits of document solutions

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[The team] work all over the country and around the world, and as remote workers the team are often to be found on customer sites. The technology is very helpful, allowing them to access material immediately, without frustrations."
Case Study, 2019
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There are solutions for all circumstances and many overlap between key categories. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us for a chat.

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Print Management

Ensure top notch security, authentication while reducing wastage with print rules.

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Mobile Printing

Print on the go and remote from the office. Collect your documents when convenient.

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Content and Document Management

Efficiently store all your files and access and collaborate on them quickly and easily.

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Scanning and Automation

A wide range of solutions to streamline templates, workflows and eforms.

Why invest in office workflow solutions?

With a wide range of office document and print software on the market, there are solutions to help with everything from cutting out unnecessary print to automating accounts payable. Every business has processes; increasingly businesses need to modernise and digitise those processes to keep up with the data coming in and going out. At the same time, security, flexibility and data protection are becoming more and more important. The right solutions reduce your costs, increase your efficiency and productivity and cut your carbon footprint – all while making your office more intelligent and secure.

Your needs won’t be exactly the same as everybody else’s. That’s why our staff are specially trained to recommend the solutions that are the best fit for you. Of course, we provide Xerox’s market-leading range of document solutions, but we also offer products from Papercut, Selectec, Postworks, MPI, Umango, XMedius and others, not to mention apps made by third parties that sit neatly inside the Xerox App Gallery.

There are many ways to describe office solutions and software. You might see products advertised as workplace software solutions, office print solutions or document solutions, for example. There is overlap between Mobile Working Solutions, Flexible and Hybrid Working Solutions, Content Management Solutions, Document Management Solutions, Print Management Solutions and the like; encompassing automation, eforms and scan and capture.

Our solutions (both Workflow Apps and other software) help you cut down time-consuming manual processes, keep your data safe, and enable your team to work from anywhere with a secure internet connection. You may have seen this described as ‘Business Process Management’; for us it’s just good business sense.

We know that our customers are looking for solutions which solve their problems and ease their pain points. Why not ask us how we can help you?

It can be difficult to know where to start – but this is where First Copy comes in! Our specialists have the skills to learn about what you do, which processes are causing you headaches, and suggest the right solution (or bundle of solutions) for your own particular requirements.

You might not even need a printer – think documents, not printed documents!

Our workflow solutions can help you ensure that you achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), whether you opt for cloud or on-premises software.

We can help you understand any existing vulnerabilities in your processes, and then address them with the solution that’s right for you, ensuring your data is kept safe and secure in a ‘privacy by default’ design.

There are solutions that can detect and redact information, and even flag up vulnerabilities to your Data Protection Officer (DPO). There are options to use PIN/swipe technology to avoid prints being left on printers, benchmark security measures that keep sensitive data safe before printing and workflow solutions that scan straight to secure locations avoiding any difficulties securing hard copy documents. 

It is not our way to install and run. We help you with training and ongoing support to ensure you get the best out of your solutions and that they can evolve and grow with your organisation.

Xerox’s top products include Xerox Workflow Central, Xerox Workplace Solutions and Xerox DocuShare (the latter two of which have on-premise and cloud options). There is also the popular and ever-expanding Xerox App Gallery, which quickly and easily adds multiple additional functions to your printer: from translation to automatic input of your invoices and so much more. All of this is made possible by Xerox ConnectKey Technology, which comes as standard on all Xerox VersaLink, AltaLink and PrimeLink multifunction devices (MFPs). Print management software helps cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint and electricity bills, while ensuring your printing is secure.

Since 2021, Xerox has also offered Small and Home Office Printers, and a way for these printers – and other connected devices – to access a suite of document transformation tools including translation, conversion to audio/MS Office, summarisation, merging and more: Xerox Workflow Central.

We offer hybrid mail from Postworks. Hybrid mail allows you to post letters just by dropping the file into a folder. Postworks take care of the printing and sending.

What’s more, it’s likely to be cheaper than your franking machine.

Our Top Xerox Workflow Solutions

Xerox App Gallery

Put your multifunction printer (MFP) front and centre in your office by equipping it with the Xerox App Gallery and opening up a world of opportunities to transform, access, share, translate, store and route documents.

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Xerox DocuShare

A flexible, easy-to-use and convenient way for workers to be more efficient. Xerox DocuShare 7 and Xerox DocuShare Flex offer content management systems with cloud options to revolutionise your business processes.

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Xerox Workflow Central

Colleagues using devices in their homes that are smaller than your workplace MFPs? Now your whole team can access Xerox' most popular transformations without access to the App Gallery!

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Xerox Workplace Solutions

Xerox Workplace Solutions offer two different hosting options for easy and convenient print management, regardless of whether staff are in the office or at home printing from a company or personal device: Xerox Workplace Suite Xerox Workplace Cloud.

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