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Best-of-the-Best Award Winner—Books Xerox Premier Partners Global Network

“This project proved to one of Norway’s biggest publishing houses that the quality of the Xerox® iGen® 5 is as good as
offset production.”

– Jørn Våraker, Partner, Renessanse Media AS

Digitally Printed Run of Top-Selling Cookbook Matches Offset Quality - Renessanse Media AS

“Kjartans Tango”

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Renessanse Media AS provides creative services, book manufacturing and solutions for print and digital communications. Book printing accounts for about 60% of its business. Founded in 2001, the company is based in Lierskogen, Norway, near Oslo. 

Kjartan Skjelde, chef and an owner of the popular restaurant, Tango, in Stavanger, Norway, contracted with publisher Gyldendal Versal Forlag to compile his original recipes in a book. The publisher worked with leading Norwegian book printer Renessanse Media AS to produce the top-selling, photo-rich, 248-page volume initially on offset and, for subsequent short runs, on a Xerox® iGen® 5 Press.


Kjartan Skjelde is the chef and an owner of the Stavanger, Norway restaurant, Tango, where creative chefs, original dishes and casual waiters create a singular dining experience. Skjelde’s passion for cooking led him to want to share his recipes in a book. He secured a publishing deal with Gyldendal Versal Forlag, which had the book manufactured by one of its top suppliers, Renessanse Media. Initial printings were on offset presses, which faithfully reproduced the book’s many color photos of plated food and restaurant-related activities. When reprint volumes dropped, Renessanse Media proposed digital printing as a cost-effective solution, but Gyldendal Versal Forlag was concerned it wouldn’t achieve the quality required for a top-selling book filled with vivid photography.


Renessanse Media persuaded Gyldendal Versal Forlag to run the book on digital presses by showing them print samples from the Xerox® iGen 5 Press. Once in production, the Renessanse Media team performed color correction on each of the
 248-page book’s many images and sent the files from their Kodak® Prinergy® workflow system to Xerox® FreeFlow® Core. Core automatically picked up the files from a hot folder, performed imposition and sent the imposed files to the iGen 5, where
they were automatically RIPed awaiting a press operator’s command to start the job. The team selected Sappi Profimatt, a medium-coated matte paper for the book’s pages. The book block was case bound in an 11.25" x 8.375" format on Smyth and Zechini binding equipment.


The widely recognized “culinary mother” of Norway, Ingrid Espelid Hovig, calls Kjartans Tango “a fabulous cookbook” and “one of the most beautiful cookbooks I’ve ever seen.” The lively presentation— as much photo book as recipe book—successfully translates the dare-to-be-different atmosphere of the Tango restaurant to the printed page. Strong sales have led to multiple reprints—and more business for Renessanse Media.

"The iGen 5’s faithful reproduction of the book and its vivid photography make
a strong proof point for the company’s top-notch digital book manufacturing capabilities. It has served as a print sample and sales tool, and has led to additional business that is contributing to a projected 30% growth in the firm’s book printing business this year".

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