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*For our most up-to-date information on ConnectKey Apps, please visit our section on the Xerox App Gallery on our sister site, FCC Innovation.*

Would you like your multifunction printer to offer a truly customised and personalised experience?

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Would apps on your printer, just as you have on your tablet or mobile phone, make your life easier?

By downloading apps to a ConnectKey-enabled printer or multifunction printer (MFP), you can simplify you work life. From scanning direct to a cloud-based repository like Google Drive or Dropbox, to the ability to translate and print documents at your fingertips, Connectkey has an app to save you time and effort. 


Xerox ConnectKey Apps

Join your competitors and use cloud-based storage to enable flexbility and mobility for your team. The Xerox App Gallery on enabled devices (including various AltaLink, VersaLink and Workcentre): 

  • gives you access to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365 for file storage and sharing
  • simplifies the connection process with your email account, Docushare and/or Office tools
  • gives you and your staff instant access to relevant and up-to-date information

Visit the Xerox App Gallery to see scan, print and cloud apps 


Workflow Apps (Xerox and Partners)

The Xerox App Gallery is always growing. There is a fantastic range ready for use, but if something in the existing collection isn't exactly right for you, then third parties can work with you to build precisely what you need. Here are some examples of workflow apps available now:

  • Xerox Easy Translator App, providing instant machine language translations from MFP, phone or PC, allowing translation of more than 40 languages
  • CapturePoint Transformer App, a cloud service that enables Xerox MFPs to work harder for organisations. Powerful, secure hard-copy document scanning and transformation into editable information in the cloud
  • Info App, letting you send targeted messages to MFP user interfaces, for example company messages, general communications or promotions
  • Customised Scan Apps, which are created to provide personalised workflows for groups or individuals, including Scan to Email, FTP, shared network folders, USB, and multi-destinations

Visit the Xerox App Gallery to see workflow apps


Find out more about Xerox ConnectKey Technology in our dedicated section.




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