Iridesse Production Press European Product Launch

The industry’s first six-colour print engine with capability to print two speciality dry inks and CYMK in the same pass.


The Iridesse was officially launched in Europe today, bringing extremely exciting print technology to our shores. Is the Iridesse for you? Here’s our run down of the key features.

  • SIX print stations: CMYK and a choice of two speciality dry inks (silver, gold or clear with white to be supported in the future) giving unmatched value

  • All of the above as an inline solution in one pass

  • Great option for high-end, high-value print – wedding invitations, special projects etc 

  • Print everything from postcards to banners at high quality: huge creativity and expression possible with dynamic combinations of colours and metallics

  • Ultra HD resolution

  • HD EA toner brings the smallest particle available to the world market at just 7 microns. This brings the Iridesse fine detail, incredible highlights and shadows and a very high quality gloss
    - +/- 1/2mm registration
    - 1200 dpi RIP resolution and 2400dpi print resolution

  • Just 20 minutes for a colour change

  • A very high Flop Index

  • Ability to create an enormous number of effects, embellishments etc

  • 52-400gsm coated or uncoated stocks

  • 120 pages a minute on all compatible stocks: the Iridesse won’t slow down as your stock gets thicker making it great for short runs

  • EZ press check – less than ten minutes to set up and Automated Alignment Adjustment

  • Inline finishing options including saddle stitching

Breakthrough Brilliance with the Xerox Iridesse Production Press, YouTube

All in all, the Iridesse is a cutting-edge product which will revolutionise the industry with its ease of use, output quality, and unique ability to print six colours including two speciality colours in a single pass.

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Elizabeth BuddIridesse