First Copy visits Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019

Lucerne, Switzerland provided the background to Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019, an international print industry event attracting an audience from around the world.

Lucerne Switzerland - First Copy Visit Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019

Laurie Ryan, a specialist at First Copy, was among the crowds witnessing the next generation of high-performance digital printing and finishing technology.

"I was absolutely delighted to attend Hunkeler Innovationdays 2019," said Laurie. "It was a fascinating event and a great way to learn about the cutting-edge technology coming our way."

Xerox were one of the 90 plus leading suppliers present at the show, demonstrating how to transform customers' businesses with automated processes. 

Each day, Xerox used an end-to-end workflow to print the Show Daily, using Xerox FreeFlow Core to create pdfs, the Trivor 2400 to print to rolls, Hunkeler finishing equipment to cut and stack and Ibis Smart-Binder to complete the booklets. Watch a video below:

In addition, Xerox showcased a portfolio of flexible end-to-end workflow including the following presses:

  • The new Xerox Rialto 900 MP Inkjet Press (roll-to-cut sheet) with a Speed Boost option increasing output by 33% - total production speed up to 64 metres per minute.

  • The Xerox Trivor 2400 High Fusion Inkjet Press, demonstrating the offset-like quality possible with High Fusion Ink on traditional offset coated media without primers, pre-coatings or treatments.

  • The Xerox Brenva HD Production Press, which balances the versatility of a cut-sheet with the economics of inkjet, demoed for the first time in Europe with the new Speed Boost.

Watch the video for an introduction to how the above inkjet machines, paired with automation workflows like FreeFlow Core and XMPie, can open new opportunities to add value for customers, with applications from print on demand to direct mail: 

Laurie went on to say that "Innovationdays 2019 has provided a unique opportunity to learn about the array of opportunities available now, as well as those on the horizon, for production customers. It's great to see so much development in the industry going forward and to be inspired by the competitive products shown by Xerox and their partners."

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Elizabeth Budd