Enter the glimmering world of CMYK+ on Xerox Colour C60/C70

Put some sparkle in your C60/C70. Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology is bringing gorgeous golds, shimmering silvers, snowy whites and high-end clear accents to your printer. It's the sprinkles on the ice cream, and you can talk to our specialists about it now!


Keep up with changing expectations in the digital print market with a new way to expand your print offering.

Add the new Xerox Vivid Toner Kit when it suits you. Consisting of Gold, White, Silver and Clear CMYK+ toners, you can swap out CMYK for the Vivid Toner Kit in less than 15 minutes. Print traditionally with CMYK, or print in new ways with GWSClr...or run two passes for an incredible range of eye-catching print with up to eight toner colours on the page.

Research from Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends suggests that premium print buyers are willing to pay between 24 and 89% more for CMYK+ (over ordinary CMYK). This is therefore an amazing opportunity to make more profit, offering toner colours on your existing devices that were previously reserved for the largest presses. 


Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology opens up options for designers, while maintaining the advantages brought by being able to offer short runs. With swap-and-go simplicity, you can effectively double the versatility of your C60/C70 at an affordable entry point. 

We'd love to speak to you about this straight away. Call us to discuss adding the Vivid Toner Kit now!

Elizabeth Budd