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Latest news articles, including product launches, Xerox and First Copy updates and Ecologi tree planting progress.

A picture of a small Xerox Printer with the First Copy logo in one corner and 'Introducing Xerox VersaLink C415, B415 and C625'.
Product Launch: Introducing Xerox VersaLink C415, B415, C625
Smaller, faster, lighter. Meet the new trio of VersaLinks designed for small and flexible teams, featuring built-in security and sustainability.
The title reads, "First Copy Funds First 5000 Trees Through Ecologi."
First Copy Corporation Ltd Funds First 5000 Trees Through Ecologi
The First Copy team is celebrating this month! We have planted over 5000 trees through our partnership with Ecologi.
The title says, "Breaking News: Versant 280 and 4100 update."
Breaking News: Higher Volumes and Greater Flexibility on Versant 280 and 4100
In July 2023, the Versant 280 and 4100 received a update for higher volumes and greater flexibility capabilities.
Branded template image with First Copy logo, title 'Product Launch: Xerox Iridesse' and a close-up image of an iridescent peacock feather.
Product Launch: Meet the New Xerox Iridesse Press
Incredible iridescent colours and metallic effects can be created on the industry's first six-colour digital press with Xerox's new product launch: the...
Branded template image with First Copy logo, title 'Product Launch: Xerox PrimeLink C9065/70' and an image of a large white and navy printer.
Product Launch: Xerox PrimeLink C9065/C9070 Printer
The UK launch of the Xerox PrimeLink in October 2019 delivered the most adaptable entry-level production printer on the market.
Branded template image with First Copy logo, title 'introducing gold, silver, white & clear on C60' and an image of gold and silver stars.
Introducing Gold, Silver, White & Clear on Xerox C60
Put some sparkle in your C60/C70. Xerox Adaptive CMYK Plus Technology brings gorgeous golds, shimmering silvers, snowy whites and high-end clear accents...
The title says, "Xerox Workplace Cloud Update Print Queue Conductor." There is a photo of someone holding a laptop while looking over an office floor plan sketch.
Xerox Workplace Cloud Update: Print Queue Conductor
Print users will have the correct print set up with the Xerox Workplace Cloud: Print Queue Conductor update.
The text says, 'Xerox Receives Healthcare Pacesetter Award from Keypoint Intelligence'. There is a photo of a person in scrubs, holding a tablet.
Xerox Receives Healthcare Pacesetter Award from Keypoint Intelligence
Keypoint Intelligence has awarded Xerox for their products and services that support the healthcare sector.
The text says, 'Workplace Cloud update: Copy Quotas'. There is a photo of a man behind a stack of paper, obstructing his face.
Workplace Cloud update: Copy Quotas
The addition of copy quotas for Xerox Workplace Cloud lets administrators set print rules on users, allowing for greater print monitoring, control and...
The title reads, 'Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Core v7.0'.
Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Core v7.0
In this post, we list what's new and share more information about what Xerox FreeFlow Core v7.0 could do for your print operation.
Text says, 'Product launch Xerox Kiosk'. There is a photo of a high-street full of people walking.
Product Launch: Xerox Kiosk - Print, Pay & Go for Cafés, Shops and Public Spaces
Gain additional revenue by allowing your customers to access a Xerox multifunction printer in your premises through Xerox Kiosk.
Product Updates May 2023: Xerox AltaLink Devices
Product Updates May 2023: Xerox AltaLink Devices
All Xerox AltaLink 8100 devices in the field will be (or have been) updated to improve user experience. Updates will also upgrade security.
Product launch: CareAR Instruct for Xerox devices.
Product Launch: CareAR Instruct
Xerox has announced a new app called CareAR Instruct. This post focuses on the products it is already compatible with.
First Copy news article image header with title 'Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite v18'.
Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite v18
Xerox launched FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite v18 with significant updates in May 2023, bringing efficient VDP for multiple brands and specialty...
Xerox Supplies Tracker App
The New Xerox Supplies Tracker App
Check your print supply deliveries without slogging through paperwork and phone calls with the new Xerox Supplies Tracker App.
ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. Luminous blue and red wavy lights.
Xerox earns ENERGY STAR Partner of the year for the third consecutive year
Xerox has once again been recognised as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the year for their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.
First Copy Wins UK Top Performer Award From Xerox At MaaS Council 2023
First Copy wins UK Top Performer Award from Xerox at MaaS Council 2023
The First Copy team takes home a prestigious award for Top Performer in the UK at this year's Marketing as a Service Council event.
Xerox named in top 100 most sustainable companies list.
Xerox named in top 100 most sustainable corporations list
Xerox has been listed in the top 100 most sustainable corporations list for the third year running.
Energy-efficiency boost for Xerox Iridesse
Energy-Efficiency Boost For Xerox Iridesse
First Copy is pleased to share the news that the Xerox Iridesse Production Press is now ENERGY STAR certified.
Gold Accreditation For First Copy
Gold Accreditation For First Copy
Xerox has renewed its accreditation for First Copy in 2023 - we are a designated Gold Partner.
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