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Managed Services

Take the hassle out of your IT and print management.

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Which Managed Services Does First Copy Offer?

First Copy was created in 1991, so we have decades of experience in Managed Print Services (MPS), which for a time came under the Xerox banner of Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS). These services are available for offices and workplaces as well as professional print rooms, direct mail houses and commercial printers.

But we’re not just about hard copy print! The ‘Copy’ in First Copy encompasses print and digital, so we also offer IT Services, with or without bundling Tech-as-a-Service for your hardware. If you need new business telecoms, please contact us to see how we can help. We pride ourselves on becoming a technology partner to support your business now and into the future as your needs evolve.

Just like our other products and solutions, our managed services offer flexibility and productivity whether your workers are in an office, at home, or both (hybrid working).

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Managed Print Services

Where we started! Learn more about our MPS offer.

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Intelligent Workplace Services

It's no longer just about the printer page, but the digital one.

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We supply visitor systems for schools, health centres and businesses.

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Telephony and IT

Please contact us to learn more about our partners.

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