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Managed Print Services

Save time and money with MPS from First Copy. The best of our support, partnered with the best of Xerox’s technology.

Intelligent Print Solutions

Managed print that works across traditional and home offices, improving mobility and security.

Benefits of MPS

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We've received top quality service from First Copy for over 10 years. The whole team work efficiently to resolve any maintenance our equipment may need. Training and support on installation was great too. Can't fault these guys.
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Why Consider Managed Services?

Learn more about how MPS supports your business and its policies via the tiles below.

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Automatic Consumables

Simplify the management of your printer fleet with automated toner deliveries.

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Security and Compliance

Well-managed printers and MFPs can close vulnerabilities in your print network.

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Cut wasted paper, energy consumption and your carbon footprint with MPS.

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IT Integration

Seamless integration between Managed Services, infrastructure and software solutions.

Managed Print Services FAQ

Workplace Multifunction Printers (MFPs) could be a headache for your IT support team. Why not let First Copy take the pain away? As specialists in Managed Print Services (aka Managed Print Solutions or Intelligent Workplace Services), we can save you money and time. 

Managed Print Services now work across A3 ‘hallway’ MFPs and A4 printers whether they’re in your office or your home. Xerox’s market-leading business MFP and printer range offers excellent reliability and print quality and becomes even better when paired with MPS for service, support and analytics.

Managed Print Services are for high-end graphic arts printers and presses, too. First Copy offers managed services for even the biggest presses we supply, making it easier for you to keep printing profitably and efficiently.

First Copy’s MPS will support you to improve your document management, security policies, digital transformation efforts, sustainability and productivity. We’ve answered some FAQs and gathered together our latest blog posts, news articles and ‘Your Questions’ articles below.

Managed Print Services are a package of measures that make operating and maintaining printers simple with the help of a third party service provider like First Copy.

In recent years, the portfolio has grown from printer servicing and automated toner deliveries to solutions that encompass hybrid working and content management as well as scan-and-capture, translation and much more.

First Copy is a mono-branded Xerox partner. Xerox would describe MPS as a combination of workplace assessment, fleet management and print management. In plain English, that means that an MPS provider analyses your existing print arrangements and gives you a solution for reducing your costs, standardising your printers and managing your printer maintenance and consumables (e.g. toner and paper).

Well-managed print services provide your business (and its home workers) with modern, intuitive multifunction printers that work efficiently and print securely with as little wastage as possible.

First Copy’s MPS offer has long included an in-house helpdesk staffed with knowledgeable specialists based in offices local to you in the eastern region. Our team is skilled in managing print across a wide variety of printing environments in both private and public sectors. 

Xerox pioneered the idea of Managed Print Services more than twenty years ago. For a while, Xerox rebranded Managed Print Services to ‘Intelligent Workplace Services’ (IWS) to reflect that today’s MFPs can do so much more than print. Today, it’s more about documents – hard copy, digital, or both – than print.

However, today we’re back to a new-look MPS, now an umbrella encompassing print, scanning, translation, content curation, digital transformation, data security and much more. 

We’d love to talk to you about your options.

Our helpdesk is based in Cambridge and our analysts across East Anglia can travel to you when needed.  Increasingly, remote fixes can be performed in minutes.

Yes. All our pre-loved printers, presses and MFPs go through a Xerox Field Turnaround Process. Learn more on our dedicated page

Yes. We know not all customers want to invest in Managed Print Services. We’d be delighted to talk to you about your options.

Transparency and reliability is key. We have curated a series of questions about what to ask your MPS provider in a dedicated blog post.

It’s worth finding out if you have a named account manager, whether you’re being offered genuine consumables, whether there are hidden fees, and what happens if your needs change or something goes wrong.

First Copy (and its trading name FCC Innovation) has been a trusted provider of Managed Print Services since the dawn of Managed Print.

We have the knowledge, experience and portfolio to support you with professional print devices, solutions and services.

We pride ourselves on the fact that you can speak to the same person more than once and get to know our team.

The technical team continue to provide support in the field and at the end of the phone (or email) local to you. Our help desk offers remote support and regularly beats its targets for resolving issues on the spot. Should your enquiry require further investigation, our team are trusted to despatch the call to Xerox themselves, without another call centre. Most of our competitors cannot offer the same. 

Our priority is our customer relationships and our goal is to build partnerships. By listening to you, we can spot the places that new and proactive technologies could improve your flexibility, productivity and even wellbeing (e.g. touchless printing solutions). This holds true regardless of whether your working environment has changed through the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps becoming more hybrid and digital-first, and encompassing home printing.

First Copy is investing in the future while valuing its past three decades as experts with Xerox. The business continues to grow and develop as exciting advances are made in print, software solutions and services. 

There are variations between providers and contracts as to how Managed Print Services are charged. Usually, MPS contracts include fixed cost mono and colour ‘pay-per-click charges’. There may also be monthly or quarterly service charges.

Some providers put add-on fees, one-off payments, installation expenses, minimum commitment print volumes and the like elsewhere in the contract. When taken into account, these additional fees might make a proposal more costly overall than other providers who put more costs in plain sight. 

It is essential to look beyond the first pages of a quote to the terms and conditions. We know that different providers price in different ways so it can be tricky to work out which proposal will be the best value over the long term. We’ve written extensively on this topic in our article, Questions to ask your Managed Print Provider

At First Copy we believe transparency is key. We are always happy to offer a second opinion on your current contract.

Businesses come to us for Managed Print Services for a variety of reasons. Their motivation could be one or more of the following:

  1. They want to save money on print, paper and electricity costs.
  2. They want to reduce the IT and admin burden of mismatched printers.
  3. Their existing kit needs upgrading without a large capital investment.
  4. Perhaps their existing contract is due for renewal.
  5. They want to protect against data breaches.
  6. There is a particular process they want to automate, perhaps invoice processing or something bespoke.

No, you don’t need Xerox machines to become a First Copy MPS customer. 

Many of Xerox’s apps, solutions and services can be used regardless of the make of your current devices. 

Of course, for the ultimate user experience, you might like to swap our your devices for Xerox printers and multifunction printers later.

Visit our Case Studies page and find a number of examples of customers successfully using MPS and IWS solutions.

We do our best to update our website with more news, views and advice in our Insights section.

Within Insights, you’ll find:

We’re also very happy to answer your questions by phone, email, via Teams call or face-to-face. Just head to Contact Us to book an appointment or find contact details.

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