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Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services

The next incarnation of Managed Print Services; because it’s about so much more than ‘print’.

For Documents in All Forms

Document and workflow solutions for a flexible and productive office.

Benefits of Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS)

Xerox recently rebranded Intelligent Workplace Services back to Managed Print Services (MPS), which today encompass much more than pay-per-click printing. Explore our website to learn more about MPS, Xerox Workplace Solutions and other technologies.
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A white woman doctor uses an ipad with her left hand and a pen in her right. We can't see her face but she is wearing a white coat and the end of a stethoscope is visible around her neck.

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What are Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS)?

Intelligent Workplace Services represented the development of Xerox MPS into something much bigger. First Copy’s core offer had grown beyond the printed hard copy page and your cost per copy. 

Gone are the days when your office printer was only for printing. Today, your multifunction printer is a digital hub that connects your hard copy documents to your digital ones. Your MFP allows you to scan, transform, translate, route and share your documents. It also automates your office processes and offers time-saving apps to help you work flexibly and efficiently. It’s for this reason that a few years ago, Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) were rebranded under a broader umbrella: Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS).

The world continues to become ever more digital; the number of connected devices is rocketing, and cloud computing and apps have brought about digital transformation in businesses and organisations around the globe. The arrival of the coronavirus epidemic accelerated the evolution of flexible and hybrid working to such an extent that it’s likely to be the norm well into the future. 

IWS recognised these changes and offered solutions for a workforce that expects to do more business on the move, share and collaborate with ease but keep everything secure at the same time. What’s more, Intelligent Workplace Services offered scalability and adaptability, evolving with you as your business grows and develops.

Security has never been an afterthought. IWS (now MPS, of course) is innovative but still comes with benchmark security technology, including services and partnerships with security experts like McAfee and Cisco. Prevention, detection and protection services keep your data safe.

The portfolio of services offered under the IWS umbrella includes analytics, workflow automation, content management, security solutions and print infrastructure optimisation. It also encompasses the now-traditional core capabilities of Managed Print: fleet management, print management and workplace assessment. Ultimately IWS aimed to offer an efficient workplace with productive employees in a secure environment. At First Copy, we would also add flexibility and well-being to productivity as core components of a modern office.

Intelligent Workplace Services are a natural development of Managed Print Services, which were pioneered by Xerox more than 20 years ago. First Copy has been a trusted Xerox MPS provider since the concept was new. Our experienced staff are therefore very well positioned to help you find the right solutions for your unique requirements.

Unlike many providers, we have an in-house helpdesk and our own team of experienced and certified analysts to help you through from sales to ongoing support. Our offices are in Cambridge, Suffolk and Norfolk and whether you are in East Anglia or elsewhere, we can have boots on the ground as well as remote support when necessary. Our helpdesk has an impressive record of solving queries on the first call.

Relationships are key to our business. We are looking for partnerships that can evolve as time passes, offering you the right document solutions and apps at the right time. We value the whole package, not a race to the bottom for click prices. Tell us what takes up your valuable time – whether its invoice processing, translation, redaction, cloud connectivity or something else entirely. We’ll suggest the appropriate and relevant tool for the job, either from our portfolio or bespoke.

Don’t have Xerox devices? No problem. Many of our solutions don’t need a printer at all!

Case Studies can be found on our dedicated page.

Yes. Chances are, you’re more likely to have googled ‘Managed Print Services’ than ‘Intelligent Workplace Services’. So it makes sense to call it what you call it.

Today, an MPS provider should be providing much more that just a device that prints. Modern MPS is just as likely to help you organise and transform digital documents as paper ones.

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