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The title says, "Is Automation And AI In The Print Industry Sustainable?"
Is automation and AI in the print industry sustainable?
Is automation and AI in the print industry sustainable? We explore all in this November blog.
The title says, "What is greenlighting?"
What is greenlighting?
What is greenlighting? It's a term that's been popping up more in environmental posts, so here's an explanation with a scenario included.
The title says, "Quocirca's Study On Sustainability In The Office Print Industry."
Quocirca's study on sustainability in the office print industry
Quocirca asked 114 channel partners about sustainability within the office print industry. Here are the results and our comments.
The title says, "How do you compare the sustainability of office printers."
How do you compare the sustainability of office printers?
In this guide, we've tried to give objective advice for comparing sustainable print and MFP models against key criteria.
The title says, "Interview With Rory McCabe, Our New Business Development And Account Manager."
Interview with Rory McCabe
We have welcomed a new Business Development and Account Manager into our team. Here's what Rory McCabe has to say about his role at First Copy.
The title says, "Xerox CSR report in 2023."
Xerox CSR report in 2023
Xerox has released their CSR report for 2023. In this post, we clarify how they plan to reach net zero in 2040 and highlight what they've been doing.
The text says, "Breaking News More Transformations In Xerox Workflow Central."
Breaking News: Even More Transformations In Xerox Workflow Central
Xerox Workflow Central has added some more transformation tools. In this news post, we reveal all the changes and how they will benefit you.
The text says, "Introducing: Cambridge Standing Tall 2024."
What you need to know about Cambridge Standing Tall 2024
We answer all your questions about Cambridge Standing Tall and reveal who our artist is for the 2024 art trail!
The text says, "Finding a Market for Beyond CMYK Printing."
Finding a Market for Beyond CMYK Printing
Our October blog is all about us helping you find a market for Beyond CMYK - and the possibilities are endless!
Apps available on the Xerox App Gallery
Which Apps Are Currently Available in the Xerox App Gallery?
A regularly updated post listing the products available on the Xerox App Gallery, which you can access on your Xerox multifunction printer.
The text says, "What is a print industry end-to-end ecosystem?"
What is a print industry end-to-end ecosystem?
In this post, we reveal the meaning of a print industry end-to-end ecosystem and list the benefits of one.
The text says, "What is a Single-Function Printer (SFP)?"
What is a Single-Function Printer (SFP)?
The printing industry is full of jargon. In this post, we define Single-Function Printer and what it means for you.
The text says, "End of service: Xerox Versant 2100."
End Of Service: Xerox Versant 2100
The Xerox Versant 2100 reaches its End of Service date on 31 December 2023. Here's what you need to know and what can replace it.
The text says, "Triple Product Launch: Xerox C410 & B410; Xerox VersaLink B620."
Triple Product Launch: Xerox C410 and B410; Xerox VersaLink B620
Xerox has launched three more office printers. They are the C410, B410 and VersaLink B620.
A picture of someone in profile with their index finger against their lips. The text says, "What is greenhushing?"
What is greenhushing?
Greenhushing falls under greenwashing, but what does it mean and how can you avoid it? We explain that and other terms.
The title says, "What is pantograph security?" There is an image of an ID card.
What Is Pantograph Security
What is pantograph security? In this post, we answer your question, and how you can get security markings on your documents.
The title says, "Marketers! Here's How to Use Beyond CMYK."
Marketers! Here's How to Use Beyond CMYK
Wondering how to Use Beyond CMYK? We can help. In this post, we provide advice and resources for those in the marketing industry.
The title says, "First Colour In A Sparkling Return To First Copy."
First Colour in a Sparkling Return to First Copy
London-based First Colour install a new Xerox Iridesse Production Press, Xerox PrimeLink B9125 and Versant 4100 with First Copy, backed by a tailored service...
The title says, "Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Vision."
Product Launch: Xerox FreeFlow Vision
Transform your workflow, spot bottlenecks, and elevate your overall equipment efficiency. Discover the power of real-time data insights.
Vacuum Feeder for Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series
Vacuum Feeder for Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series
The new Vacuum Feeder for Xerox PrimeLink B9100 Series lets you get more media types and sheets accurately through your PrimeLink.
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The text says, 'Measuring Energy Consumption of Digital Production Printing Presses'.
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XLS high capacity vacuum feeder for Iridesse and Versant
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The title says, "What is the flop index?"
What is the Flop Index?
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The title says, "Whitelisting explained: Why it's important for your printer."
Whitelisting explained: why it's important for your printer
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