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FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite

Xerox variable data printing, security marking and tracking just got quicker and simpler.

Track and Secure

Personalise text and images, barcodes, batch numbers and even add anti-fraud marks.

Benefits of FreeFlow VI Suite

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Was having issues with my printer running the FreeFlow rip. After struggling to get any useful information...I tried First Copy to see if they could help. The simple answer... YES. Fantastic service, great to talk to and an in-depth knowledge of their products. I would highly recommend them.
Facebook Review, 2021
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Why Use VI Suite?

Make high-value Variable Data Printing (VDP) simple with modular set-up: InDesign plugin or the full power of VIPP (or both!). Choose from server or RIP options for the ultimate in speed and simplicity.

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Speed up VDP

From the design process to getting your files onto the press, VI Suite keeps everything slick and simple.

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Tailored to Your Business

Choose the right options for your way of working; our analysts are happy to build the modules you need.

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Increased Print Capacity

Running alongside Xerox FreeFlow Core gives you the ultimate in VDP and job turnaround.

VI Suite FAQ

Personalisation, tracking and speciality security markings: VI Suite has it all in a bundle of modules that suit your business and workflows.

Xerox FreeFlow VI Suite V18 launched in May 2023.

Among the key updates are new server options to speed up workflow, and an extension of security markings throughout the entire Xerox production range right down to PrimeLink.

For more details read our launch article.

  1. Design Express – simultaneously design print and digital with an InDesign plug-in
  2. Design Pro – give your designers the full power and sophistication of VIPP
  3. eCompose – a server-based system for automatic screen and print-ready files
  4. Compose – no need for pre-composition, unleash variable information speed with your DFE


Although it’s not a module, you can also include Xerox FreeFlow Core, which integrates seamlessly, as part of the family.

Relevant and individualised marketing is more valuable to your end customer. VI Suite lets you enter the personalisation market.

What’s more, supporting your customers to secure high-value items like tickets and certificates offers you additional opportunities and them a lower risk of fraud. 

Thirdly, variable print for tracking also offers you new avenues, great for stickers for stock monitoring and batching, for example.

No. Both workflow softwares support Variable Information (VI) aka Variable Data Printing (VDP), but they do so in different ways and each has unique offerings.

Our analysts and account managers would be happy to discuss the differences and which might suit you best.

Learn more about XMPie on our dedicated page.

·        Xerox MicroText Mark

·        Xerox Pantograph Technology

·        Xerox Fluorescent Mark

·        Xerox Infrared Mark

·        Xerox Correlation Mark with Vector Pattern Technology

These are now available on PrimeLink, Versant, Iridesse and iGen as well as Baltoro. Learn more in our blog post.

Not just text! Xerox FreeFlow VI Suite can generate variable images, layers, barcodes and security markings – even without knowledge of VIPP. 


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