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Xerox FreeFlow Core

Automate your workflow with time-saving rule-based intelligence.

Automated Workflow

Increase productivity, reduce errors, and gain faster turnaround times.

Benefits of FreeFlow Core

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I've been working with First Copy for over 5 years, and never in that time could I fail them. The staff are always polite, focused on the inquiry and have great knowledge of the 'printer/photocopier' topic.
Trustpilot Review, 2023
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Why Use FreeFlow Core?

Explore Xerox case studies to see how other print businesses have successfully integrated FreeFlow Core to boost productivity and profit.

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Fast order Processing

"We used to think same-day turnarounds were crazy, but it's no longer hard with all the automation that Xerox FreeFlow Core provides."

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Tailored to Your Business

Graphicolor Printing, a US-based printing business, love their new streamlined customer process.

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Increased Print Capacity

With the help of FreeFlow Core, it's possible to increase print capacity by as much as 70%.

FreeFlow Core FAQ

Increase productivity and reduce errors by using Xerox FreeFlow Core. The software automates repetitive tasks, freeing time for more value-added activities while ensuring consistent quality and accuracy.

Xerox FreeFlow Core v7.0 was launched in May 2023. Full details in our launch article.

Version 7.0 has significant improvements in flexibility and support for wide format jobs.

Compared to Xerox FreeFlow Core 6.2.

Xerox FreeFlow Core simplifies complex pre-press and printing tasks by automating them. The software has customisable workflows that can be configured to automate manual tasks like file preparation, pre-flighting, imposition, and proofing.

Our team is well-versed in the software. We offer a range of support services for Xerox FreeFlow Core, including technical support, and consulting services.

Xerox FreeFlow Core is suitable for various industries that require efficient and automated pre-press and printing workflows, including commercial printing, packaging, label printing, in-plant print operations, and more.

Call us on 01223 811311 for more information, and we will guide you through what’s available to suit your needs.

We have a highly-trained analyst to support our production customers with workflow solutions who can provide some training.

If you are looking for other options, we recommend our Xerox FreeFlow Core playlist and the Xerox Support YouTube channel for general information.

There is also an online customer forum where you can access information, but if you are stuck, please feel free to contact your analyst or account manager.

First Copy also supplies FreeFlow Variable Information (VI) Suite and FreeFlow Vision.

The former product is for variable data printing (VDP) and the latter is for real-time KPIs and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) scoring.

  • FreeFlow Advanced Prepress: tools for PDF optimisation, colour management and document manipulation.
  • FreeFlow Advanced Automation: next-level automation that transforms your entire production workflow into programmed actions. A powerful tool called MAX, (Manifest Automation by Xerox), can easily pick up client order data from a simple CSV file (and other formats) and automate from there, cutting hours from your workflow
  • FreeFlow Output Management: an addition that makes clever decisions about where and when your jobs will be printed (and it doesn’t have to be a Xerox press).
  • FreeFlow Variable Data: use this module if you need FreeFlow Core to accept VIPP (Variable Information Production PrintWare) and PDF/VT jobs. 

Yes, Xerox FreeFlow Core is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Yes, Xerox FreeFlow Core is scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Xerox FreeFlow Core can be paired with Xerox devices as well as third-party printers and multifunction devices. 

Additionally, the software can also be integrated with other workflow software to create a seamless end-to-end solution for document production and management.

Xerox recently provided us with these customer examples, showing how FreeFlow Core can help speed up workflow by analysing jobs and automatically fixing them.

  1. 28,000 letter pages with more than a million transparency groups – by automatically removing the transparency from what should have been a white page with black text, this job was made a great deal faster.
  2. A newsletter with 10,000 pages. Each page had a 6000 dpi image to be replicated 10,000 times! FreeFlow automatically removed the duplication and resampled the image to 300 dpi, consequently reducing file size from 24GB to 50MB. 

First Copy’s analysts would be pleased to show you how FreeFlow Core works and what it could do for you. They also have access to a Simulator to demonstrate how to build a workflow.

To find out more, contact us via the form below.

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