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Environment and Sustainability

Welcome to our sustainability hub, where you’ll find information about greener print.

ESG at First Copy

As offices work towards becoming ever greener, cleaner and more sustainable, we’ve brought together information about tree planting and carbon offset, supplies and consumables recycling, energy efficiency and more.

At First Copy, we’re proud to partner with Xerox, recent recipients of the inaugural Terra Carta Seal. Xerox has fast-tracked its net-zero target and works to ever-more stringent environmental goals each year. Our customers want to reduce their environmental impact, lower their carbon footprint and work towards having more sustainable offices; this section is designed to help.

Our environment hub will undergo further development over the coming months. If you’re looking for information relating to a sustainability theme or about one of our products and services, please do contact us with your question; we’ll use it to inform future content.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Tree Planting with Ecologi

In January 2022, we partnered with Ecologi, a UK-based Environmental Organisation that allows us to purchase trees for every installation, referral and new business enquiry form. In 2023, we developed our partnership into nature projects to prevent carbon emissions from occurring in the first place as well.

Our forest of trees is growing each month, and it’s one small step we’re making to give back to our planet. In July 2023, we crossed the first 5000 trees milestone.

We’ve added a tree counter at the bottom of every web page so you can track our progress.

You can join your own business on the Ecologi website.

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A photo of a cardboard box entitled "Eco Box", which has used Xerox toners in it for recycling.

Consumables make-up and recycling

Ever wondered what’s in your toner? Or how to recycle your printer consumables for free?

You can also learn more about the new-and-improved Ecobox App and the benefits of a more circular economy.

Here’s a complete guide.

Electricity costs and energy usage

With utility prices on the rise, you can save money by investing in energy-efficient printers and eco friendly office equipment.

You can also learn about ENERGYSTAR, EPEAT and Blue Angel schemes and measuring energy consumption of production presses.

Hybrid and remote working mean these costs also apply to your home workers, so we’ve included flexible working articles within our featured posts.

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Recent Posts About the Environment and Sustainability

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