Digital packaging is ideal for those seeking a fully integrated, inline digital solution, to make short-run packaging effective, affordable, and fast.

Xerox Automated Packaging Solutions for the Xerox® iGen® family have access to vibrant digital inkjet colour (even on porous corrugated containerboard), producing rich graphics and hard-to-produce greyscales. With digital packaging, you can enhance your customer partnership and maximise the profitability of your company.

This specialisation not only provides maximum flexibility when responding to your customers’ requirements but also gives you the ability to outpace the competition.

What can you achieve with digital packaging?

  • Innovative packaging designs through digital technology

  • Pioneering business opportunities, ahead of your competition

  • New production possibilities with your market-leading solutions

Most valued features

  • Ability to print multiple versions in a single job

  • Variable data printing options

  • Opportunity to print prototypes

  • Capacity for rapid job changeover

The benefits

  • Meet brand owner demands. Costs and lead times are dramatically reduced while speed to market is increased with print-on-demand workflow. Faster lead times reduce inventory costs and waste.

  • Improved workflow. Improve the efficiency of your business with an inline digital print packinging solution. Enhance your capacity and productivity with an automated solution designed for quick changeovers.

  • High quality. Benefit from exceptional print quality and accuracy and create packaging that suits the shape and delicacy of your product, keeping the item in perfect condition until it reaches the consumer.

  • Personalised/target marketing. Digital packaging solutions offer the flexibility to tailor packaging and marketing to suit customer needs. Create unique packaging with variable text, consecutive numbering, and barcoding, or choose to include multiple languages. Additionally, select specific colours, images, and logos – all interchangeable at the touch of a button.

  • More interactive packaging. Include features on the packaging that increase customer interaction with the product, like QR codes and NFC tags.

  • Digitally print onto various materials and differently-shaped objects. Flexibility to print onto a vast array of packaging provides opportunities for high-impact branding, minimal inventory, superb quality, and easy customisation and personalisation.

  • Maximise supply chain efficiency.

  • Manage increasing number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Case Study for short run digital printing and automated packaging solution

Esmark Finch –

“Creating and nurturing relationships with your customers is a critical part of growing a successful business, especially during these times of global markets and automation and innovation.”– John Mullane, CEO

With the use of digital printing, Esmark Finch can tailor the packaging of their products to suit their target audience in order to strengthen customer relationships.