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ConnectKey - GDPR Workflow and PrintingThere are many things to think about when it comes to achieving compliance with the GDPR, but First Copy can help you address any vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure and processes. Your print fleet is a networked security endpoint, and it is vital that it doesn’t get overlooked in your office’s wider GDPR strategy.

Here are some areas to consider:

Who can access digital data from your multifunction printer (MFP)?

Ensure that you prevent unintended data breaches by making sure that prints are released on printer when needed instead of lying on the machine for anyone else to find. Jobs can be released by PIN or swipe card – a relatively simple way to make a big improvement in your data security processes. Additionally, think about the unintended consequences of an insecure system from a deliberate attempt to access data from your machine – ConnectKey’s security measures are benchmark. Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled devices have a four-point approach to security:

-       intrusion prevention (user authentication and access controls)

-       device detection (Firmware Verification and McAfee Whitelisting technology)

-       document and data protection (encryption and document release controls)

-       external partnerships (eg with McAfee)

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How do you find out about possible breaches and prevent them happening?

First Copy can advise you about intelligent automated workflow solutions which can flag up potential breaches quickly, and even directly to your Data Protection Officer (DPO). There are solutions available which can actually prevent sensitive data being printed automatically, either by stopping it being printed, scanned or photocopied, or by redacting the sensitive information before printing. Alternatively, you could choose that jobs are diverted to a secure server for review before they are actioned. Ask us about Xerox Solutions for Compliance Management and how they can mitigate your risks and help you maintain audit trails.

Is your printer fleet streamlined?

A mixture of types of machine with different security measures, updates and access points, can bring unintended security gaps. Ensuring your print network is up-to-date and fit for purpose, with the best endpoint security available, helps to avoid these issues. ConnectKey Technology can bring a consistent user experience and consistency to your entire fleet.

Do you know where your existing vulnerabilities are?

The first step to building a compliant print infrastructure is to understand where any current vulnerabilities exist. First Copy can help you assess your current environment (something which you might already be considering as part of an office-wide Data Protection Impact Assessment) to see what level/type of encryption, user access control and other solutions you currently have.

What procedures do you have in place for ongoing monitoring and reporting?

Ask First Copy about solutions that offer proactive monitoring of documents being printed, scanned and copied, and how any potential breaches can be flagged. 



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