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Engage with your audiences with leading Customer Communications Management (CCM) technology for successful campaigns.


XMPie allows you to create, monitor, analyse and automate personalised, relevant communications across traditional print and digital media touchpoints. Integrated with your print and design solutions, XMPie allows you to seamlessly market dynamic, synchronised messages across multiple channels - and continues to develop with you as the market changes. Customise your experience with server-based, scalable, tailored platforms for a flexible solution that works for your business.


Data driven print and Variable Data Printing (VDP)


Include relevant messages, images and graphics and automate production of personalised print campaigns. Use advanced, flexible design-to-production workflows. Options include -


  • Easy-to-use desktop solutions
  • Use of production-grade variable data (PPML, PDF, PDF/VT)
  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • Capability to produce high volume, high speed production workflows


Cross-media communications


Integrate design, logic and data through multiple media channels with no need to compromise on creativity for a multichannel, synchronised customer experience - including state-of-the art print designs seamlessly integrated with digital content. XMPie's complete CCM solution offers complete brand control. Options include -


  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Email and personalised websites as well as print campaigns
  • All-in-one solutions to create, manage and monitor campaigns
  • Integration with Adobe InDesign




Reach new customers with an online print business. Use XMPie to increase relevance of your products to a larger audience with static and variable print-on-demand capabilities. Options include -


  • Pre-definition of multi-step workflows and pre-press automation
  • Scalable processing power for high production volumes


Campaign management


Manage all your marketing channels, track results and fine tune campaigns to target individual interests. XMPie allows you to auomate communications and nurture leads for an improved performance and return on investment (ROI). Options include -


  • Tools to understand trends and monitor customer reactions over time
  • Advanced analytics to enable adaptation and modification of campaigns


Creative tools


Use Automatic Dynamic Object Replacement (ADOR) technology and PersonalEffect architecture to keep customer dialogs, powered by variable data, in sync across all your marketing channels. Options include -


  • Integration with Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver with uCreate Plugin
  • Fully personalised, dynamic websites
  • Personalised photo-realistic images and graphics (integrated with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator) embedded into XMPie print or digital documents
  • Use of XMPie Marketplace for ready-made royalty free uImage templates
  • Ability to create beautiful personalised charts with tabular business data
  • Integration of dynamic movies with uDirect Video Plugin, working with Adobe After Effects
  • Refer-a-Friend and Social Media Share features


Add-ons and pro services


XMPie offers next level Add-ons and Professional Services including email features and personalised mapping as well as bespoke solutions for your business.


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