Xerox Print Safe

Xerox Printsafe provides affordable, secure print authentication for printed data on all of your multifunction printers, including both Xerox devices and from other third party vendors and working with your choice of industry standard secure readers and cards.

Key Features:

User Tracking and Security

Provide a secure layer to services such as Print, Copy and Scan and with an authentication layer it enables you to log user activity and costs.

Easy and Fast Login

With Xerox Printsafe supporting industry standard secure readers, cards or PIN solutions you will be able to quickly access the devices you need in business.

Follow Me Print

With a single sign in you can recall your print jobs on any of your multifunction devices and then select the number of copies and image output options such as duplex and colour.

Reduce Costs

Xerox Printsafe can save your company money in two key areas, firstly by being able to control output you reduce wastage and prevent unauthorised printing or copying costs. In addition to this by being able to see the usage on a device by device basis you increase your business intelligence and can deploy the right print solutions to the right areas in your company.



Cirrato is not just a print management system but an entirely reimagined printing infrastructure. With Cirrato centralised print management organisations can remove print servers, enjoy a single point of control over printing and reduce constrained network bandwidth consumption.

Key Features:

Less Hardware

With the consolidation of print servers you can reduce both the hardware and the administration costs that are linked to the costs of maintaining your fleet or printing devices and allows you to create a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

Eliminate WAN Traffic

Cirrato allows you to manage printers with minimal network traffic, even with remote offices. Print related network traffic is typically reduced a thousandfold which considerably speeds up both print and other services that are sharing network resources.

Green IT and Printing

Reduce energy consumption, energy consumption, operating and cooling of additional servers. With Cirrato “Time to Live” waste during printer errors is reduced as users can move jobs to other print queue and print queues can be configured to clear automatically to save double printing of jobs.



Papercut makes print management as easy and as pain free as possible, from simple tracking and monitoring of print, scanning and fax jobs, to integrate BYOD printing or advanced custom job management.


Key Features:

Track all activity

With Papercut installed on your network you will be able to track and monitor all usage and set account limits on a per user basis allowing your organisation to reduce wastage


Unique Print Driver Advantage

The Xerox print driver is always in continuous bidirectional communication with the printer so you always know the media that is loaded in the machine and the options that have been installed without the need for any manual updates.

Accounting and Security

With Xerox Standard Accounting supplied as part of ConnectKey you can set up each user or department with their own unique login and set account limits and track usage. Print jobs can be sent to the printer with secure settings that are then released by the user at the panel, reducing wastage and adding security to your office.

Find me Printing and Secure Release

Print to a single global print queue then walk and collect your print job from any of your devices. Sensitive documents do not start printing straight away but can be held and manually released from the control panel of the device with a code.



Equitrak intelligent print management software helps make printing work the way you want it, Simply, Securely and with the maximum savings every step of the way. One click for any print job to any printer, no worries about print servers, compatible drivers or whether the printer is ready. This also adds an added layer of completer accountability to better control costs and security.


Key Features:

Control meets Security

Intelligent print management software allows one click printing for any print job. With secure follow-me-print users can print anywhere, anytime and pick up documents when and where they want, all the while eliminating the risk of private information being left on the printer.

Reduce IT Burden

Equitrac provides one workflow for every printer within your environment, this solves common printing challenges that create frustrated users and over taxed IT departments

Reduce Print Costs

With Equitrac Capture and Send we empower users only what they need and scan when they can, combining powerful print and scan capabilities in to a single application that turns MFP’s in to essential tools to eliminate all non-essential paper in your organisation.



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