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FCC Innovation’s Managed Print Services (MPS) support both Xerox and non-Xerox devices in businesses large and small, and across all industries and sectors.
Our top priority is helping your business maximise productivity and realise cost-savings. Your MPS solution will be developed alongside your team, incorporating automated services, fixed cost printing, standardised devices, and consumables supply.

MPS starts with optimisation but extends into innovation and automation, as well as improved security and environmental sustainability.

Steps to Print Management

Assess and Optimise

Working alongside your IT department, our experienced consultants review your current device infrastructure using Xerox’s innovative analytics tools, including the Xerox Print Awareness Tool and CompleteView Pro Assessment for Print Services.

The assessment covers how effective your document workflow is by creating a baseline of your current spend, carbon consumption and performance.

Further, the CompleteView Pro assessment gathers live data via Xerox software, and we also carry out an onsite appraisal to better understand your internal processes.

Once we have developed a detailed understanding of your current operating environment, we can provide you with consistent, dynamic and real-time solutions to improve workflow, streamline operations and create a more cost-effective print management system.

Secure and Integrate

We ensure that there is minimal disruption to your operating systems when deploying and integrating your new workflow solution. Our team install the software and hardware for you and arrange any necessary training.

Document and data security is paramount. The benchmark security measures associated with your MPS devices are advanced and prevent unauthorised access to your machines and files. Xerox’s industry-leading ConnectKey technology enhances information security and ensures that your data is protected - keeping your confidential documents confidential, and the personal data of your customers safe.

In addition, your business will be able to print from any mobile device with the Xerox Mobile Print Solution, allowing the flexibility of a modern, connected office.

Automate and Simplify

Once implemented, your solution can monitor individual devices and their usage, establish print rules, implement strong security measures, track and allocate costs, and significantly reduce waste.

What’s more, your solution will enable your business to automate workflow processes: capture, store, share and digitalise documents with ConnectKey, and automate scanning and printing operations. In so doing, you can improve business productivity and increase revenue-generating opportunities – a great result for your bottom line.

Our team provides continuous monitoring and proactive support, including:

  • a support helpdesk
  • troubleshooting and repair
  • output management
  • consumables and usage tracking
  • performance monitoring




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