Xerox FreeFlow Core

Xerox FreeFlow Core


Automate the process steps required to prepare a job for print. FreeFlow Core brings flexibility and scalability, including on-premise and cloud configuration options.

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Would you like to increase your business productivity? Would you like to process your jobs more quickly and simply? Yes? Workflow solution FreeFlow core can do this for you!

This browser-based solution automates and integrates the processing of print jobs.

Xerox Freeflow Core On-Premise and Xerox FreeFlow Core Cloud Configuration

You choose how the software is deployed: choose to install, configure and run the software from your own computer server with Freeflow Core On-Premise - or let Xerox do the monitoring for you with new Xerox Freeflow Core Cloud Configurations.

Xerox FreeFlow Core On-Premise

Key Features:

  • Modular architecture - includes the base software and four optional modules:

    • Advanced Prepress

    • Advanced Automation

    • Output Management

    • Variable Data Printing

  • Runs in standard browsers, simplifying software installation and management

  • Manifest job processing – software processes and prints each submitted job automatically

  • Job clustering – intelligent job management enables value beyond the printer by organising similar jobs for optimal post-press processing

  • Full JDF/JMF compliance

There are 5 FreeFlow Core On-Premise options to choose from:

  • FreeFlow Core

  • FreeFlow Advanced Prepress module

  • FreeFlow Advanced Automation module

  • FreeFlow Output Management module

  • FreeFlow Variable Data module

Xerox Freeflow Core Cloud Configurations

Key Features:

  • Available in two configurations:

    • Base cloud – including preflight, image enhancement, imposition and print

    • Advanced cloud – including core base software, advanced prepress module and advanced automation module

  • Runs in standard browsers, simplifying software installation and management

  • Enabled with an annual subscription

Additional Details: Benefits of FreeFlow (On-Premise and Cloud Configuration)

  • Streamlines print processes to reduce costs – automate and organise print tasks to reduce completion time and avoid high levels of waste

  • Seamless integration with current workflows

  • Simple setup-and-go solution that’s easy to use

    • Freeflow comes with EasyStart workflows and provides an intuitive graphical user interface to aid users in creating and managing workflows: you don’t need expert knowledge on engineering and machinery to easily manage jobs and complete them quickly and efficiently

  • Affordable for any size operation

  • Reduces overall costs and number of errors, removing complicated manual prepass steps

  • Quicker turnaround times

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