Vpress Coreprint Web2Print Solutions

Vpress Coreprint Web2Print Solutions


Create, edit and proof orders into any workflow with Vpress, a global provider of personalisation solutions. Web2Print supports multimedia marketing campaigns, and Coreprint is a trusted partner for many businesses across the country and around the world.

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Web2Print market leaders Vpress offer print solutions that allow you to deliver new opportunities directly to individuals or to other businesses. Vpress’ Coreprint products help you reduce costs and grow customer loyalty over the longer term with powerful personalised and branded portals for your end users. These integrated platforms allow you to govern brand and digital asset management and retain close links with your business clients, controlling quality and print cost. By automating workflows, adding new services and increasing efficiency, Coreprint products will help your business thrive in a modern Web2Print environment.

Coreprint browser-based technology lets you design, create, and print orders using templates tailored to your business’ needs. Personalised documents including brochures, direct mailings, business cards and newsletters can be easily created using the Coreprint products detailed below. Moreover, Coreprint solutions help you move ordering online, as well as enabling integrated, cross-media multichannel marketing campaigns powered by variable data.

Vpress can help you understand which technologies would work best for your business’ needs, and work with you to streamline your existing processes in order to get the most benefit for both your team and your customers.

Coreprint technologies and services can be used across several processes including print ordering, print management, print production and print workflow. Looking at your internal processes helps your business to increase efficiency and become more productive, giving you a competitive advantage over competing firms. The technology could help you cut down on manual interventions and reduce the number of workflow steps with automation – saving you time and money while also reducing errors and improving profitability.

With the purchase of any product listed below, you and your team will also benefit from a complementary, comprehensive training day at Vpress’ Cheltenham HQ.

Key Features

  • support web ordering

  • easy to use

  • helps control costs and increase profit

  • facilitates brand management and ensure your print follows brand guidelines

  • enables multichannel marketing for cross-media

  • allows personalised and targeted marketing campaigns

  • maintains consistent brand image

  • helps achieve greater results from marketing campaigns

  • empowers online variable and dynamic templates

  • provides the capability to save and edit templates on-the-go

  • automates workflow and processes through integrated print management

Additional features

  • runs in any browser

  • no software needed

  • DAM

  • ERP/CRM integration

  • API

  • Full MIS integration

Detailed description


With flexibility at its heart, Coreprint allows you to create templates for every item you need to print. These can be accessed online by other users and fed directly to press.

With no need for costly repeated artwork development and typesetting, Coreprint allows you to –

  • review items quickly

  • use variable data

  • manage a brand campaign

  • ensure all print meets brand guidelines

What’s more, all this is available without a need for technical training.


This option gives you the ability to meet your printing needs with a modular approach, allowing full control of the creation and ongoing management of your print templates for a flexible and expandable Web2Print operation. You can manage unlimited catalogues or portals containing as many stock or variable templates as you like.

Use additional modules as your professional needs change and grow – with all the benefits of Coreprint already mentioned. Vpress can work with third party Management Information Systems (MIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, and even create bespoke tools designed particularly for you.


Coredirect gives you a Variable Data Printing (VDP) solution without the need for expensive additional software, giving you the power to create simple or highly targeted individualised marketing output.

The technology allows you to upload your data spreadsheet directly into your selected product, automatically validating the information and reporting any errors for fixing. Next, the products are automatically created and made ready to proof or print.


When your business receives a request for quotation, perhaps for a new job or variable template not currently within your portal, CoreRFQ offers you the ability to configure an interactive job ticket/specification and submission facility, for a streamlined estimation and quotation service.

With its ability to allow artwork to be uploaded by the user as required, many businesses use CoreRFQ to manage tenders and submit signed-off designs directly to production. CoreRFQ works with submitted pricing from suppliers and internal cost centres and, further, it can be fully integrated with existing systems to enable live pricing – saving your business time and money.


Reward your customers for their repeat orders with CoreIncentive by allocating points or credits against their purchases. Your users are encouraged to return again and again to collect, and later redeem, their rewards helping you to increase sales volumes.

The solution also enables you to create quick one-off vouchers at short notice to provide offers of your choice.


If your customers have specific requirements that you need control over, you already have an established Web2Print site, or you’re looking for a new, more bespoke, interface (GUI), Corewebservices can help.

The comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) gives you the power to use any web language, framework or e-commerce tool to design a unique interface to suit your business. It’s up to you whether you create this yourself, or ask the Vpress team to do it for you. You can also link your entire Coreprint engine, or just the functions you need, to your online shop front.   

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