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Marketed as ‘call-your-customers-by-name’ software, PrintShop Mail is a variable data printing and composition tool to optimise your production press. Speed up set-up time and maximise print speed with software that features a drag-and-drop document design interface, mail merge that lets you go further than personalisation, an easy-to-use barcode library and much more!

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Key Features


Use PrintShop Mail's intuitive drag-and-drop interface to personalize the look and content of your promotional documents such as letters, advertisements, direct mailing, flyers, certificates or any other type of promotional documents.


    When Word® mail merge function is not enough, PrintShop Mail is there to rescue you. It is easy for anyone to use at the office, allowing to go further with personalisation than just addressing. Set up and print documents in just minutes.


    PrintShop Mail has an extensive barcode library that you can easily use thanks to wizards. Benefit from postal barcodes to save on postage, or add QR Codes to create a promotional piece that you can track.


    Excel® style functions, page picking, subset finishing, multiple page per sheets, printing through the stack, N-up… start mailing like a pro with PrintShop Mail’s advanced features.

Detailed description

PrintShop Mail is a professional software product that processes variable data quickly, easily and efficiently. Create dynamic, personalised, database-driven documents, such as direct mailings, newsletters, business cards, brochures, tickets and more.

It includes:

  • Open architecture - runs with your existing workflows

  • Application independence - runs with all databases, all layouts, any design applications, and supports all major RIP technologies

  • Drag-and-drop interface

  • Free designer software - with adjustable user interface including the following features:

    • Unlimited use of variable images e.g. photographs, signatures

    • Ability to save templates

    • Instant preview and warning display for preprint verification, reducing errors

    • Free barcode library

    • Supports Unicode and Double-Byte characters

    • Word wrap and textbox overflow

    • Colour picking


  • Easy to learn and use

  • Personalised print work and effective target marketing

    • Personalise documents for individualised communication and one-to-one marketing: increase response rates and revenue to mass mailings

    • Personalised communications create long-term relationships with your clients, increasing loyalty and repeat orders

  • Better customer service

  • Higher productivity

  • Improved user experience with more versatility in day-to-day use of the software

    • Print to any printer

    • Integrate in PDF workflows

    • Print to the web

    • Shorter printing processes, decreasing network congestion

  • Increased workflow capabilities

    • New advanced output options

      • Print a PrintShop Mail document to a file on the PrintShop Mail Web server, enabling the user to download the file on a local printer

      • Print high resolution versions of static PDF documents directly from PrintShop Mail Web

  • Enhanced ordering and order approval workflow

  • Interface enhancement

  • Integrated license handling

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