Duplo DC-646 PRO Slitter Cutter Creaser

Duplo DC-646 PRO Slitter Cutter Creaser


The all new DC-646PRO is the first in the next generation of slitter, cutter, creasers. Sitting between the best-selling DC-645i and the incredibly fast DC-745, the DC-646PRO delivers a level of automation and precision that will reconfirm our position as the market leaders.

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The Duplo DC-646i PRO is versatile and built to withstand the rigours of the daily workload. With its powerful, heavy-duty build, high quality, motorised tooling (including a Rotary Tool Module for adding perf, skip perf, score and slit score as the sheet passes through), efficient dynamics and the innovation running through its design, the DC-646i PRO is made to meet today's and tomorrow's demands.

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