Eco Colour Print grows with innovative Xerox solution

With a high demand for innovative, quality digitally printed products and a swift turnaround, Norwich based Eco Colour Print required a robust, digital press that not only had the technology for flexibility to meet customer demand but had the capacity for growth.

Customer orders ranging from business cards and flyers to brochures and paperback books, Eco Colour Print was struggling with ageing technology and inconsistent print runs. The business needed to update its digital colour press to enable it to maintain better colour tolerance and use more varied stock to produce better quality, faster printing to keep up with demand.

Eco_Colour_Print - A First Copy Case Study

“Customers want more and more innovative printed products and want them ‘now’”, says Eco Colour Print’s Managing Director Brian Hutchinson. “Our business has changed significantly to very much a ‘print on demand’ basis. To be able to be this reactive you need to have the technology in place for quick and easy set up (registration) and workflow, capacity for varied stock like long sheet, larger stock (660mm x 330mm) or heavy card and most importantly be fast and reliable”.

Having a good and long relationship with First Copy, Eco Colour Print turned to them for advice on which digital press would suit their business needs and the new impressive Xerox Versant 2100 fitted the bill perfectly.

Having visited the Xerox Innovation Centre with First Copy to see the Versant 2100 in action, Eco Colour Print were suitably impressed with its speed and flexibility as well as its capacity for long sheet feeding.

“We like and trust the Xerox product and service which First Copy provides as we get a local face but with the back-up and experience of the global brand that is Xerox” says Brian. “With the Versant 2100 we now get superior input and output, faster print speeds, greater reliability as well as easier and quicker registration”.

For further information on how the Xerox Versant 2100 can help your business in the Norfolk area, call Paul Maslen on 01953 601663 or email

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