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Case Studies

Find out how our office and commercial print customers use our solutions and what they think of our service.

The title says, "First Colour In A Sparkling Return To First Copy."
First Colour in a Sparkling Return to First Copy
London-based First Colour install a new Xerox Iridesse Production Press, Xerox PrimeLink B9125 and Versant 4100 with First Copy, backed by a tailored service...
FuturePrint look to the future with a second Xerox Versant
FuturePrint look to the future with a second Xerox Versant
This case study outlines why FuturePrint decided the Versant 4100 was the obvious choice to help manage their ever-increasing print demand.
A man stands in front of a Xerox Versant 80 at Bungay Printers.
'Hot Metal to Digital' at Bungay Printers
Bungay Printers have been providing printing services for over 30 years. They recently decided to switch from litho to digital printing, so First Copy...
A large digital printing press inside a commercial print room. Labelled Cheverton Printers.
A perfect partnership for one of Norfolk's busiest printers: Cheverton Printers
“We just love the Xerox V80 press, especially the auto alignment feature which takes minutes to complete saving hours every week and with very little stock...
A dark blue and white printing press with finisher. In this case, a Xerox 770.
Fidelity Solutions and their Xerox 770 Digital Colour Press
Fidelity Solutions, based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire installed a Xerox 770 Digital Colour Press from First Copy at the end of 2011. Here we see how the...
A second Xerox Versant for Haverhill's Red Side Up.
A second Xerox Versant for Haverhill’s Red Side Up
In this case study, we look at how a new Xerox Versant 4100 is helping Red Side Up manage increased volumes and lower lead times.
Case Study: East Anglian Chambers.
Tailored Support for Long-term Customer, East Anglian Chambers
First Copy made a tailored solution for East Anglian Chambers in the form of a landing page to make printer permissions easier for visitors.
The title reads, 'Xerox Iridesse brings glittering opportunities for Norwich's Wensum Print.'
Xerox Iridesse brings glittering opportunities for Norwich's Wensum Print
Discover what sparkling opportunities the Iridesse has brought to Wensum Print and why it's the perfect device for a business constantly raising the bar...
The title reads, 'A new Versant 4100 and XLS Vacuum Feeder for GP Print.' There is a photo of a Xerox Versant 4100.
GP Print steps positively into 2023 with new Versant 4100 and XLS Vacuum Feeder
An XLS High Capacity Vacuum Feeder helps GP Print get the most out of their Xerox Versant 4100. Find out how it's improved their workflow...
The text reads 'Thirteen Years With Indigo Ross Design & Print Limited.' There is a photograph of a Xerox Versant in a white business room.
Thirteen years with Indigo Ross
We look at how Indigo Ross uses Xerox technology and the benefits of the three businesses working together (Indigo Ross, Ocean Telecom, and First Copy).
The title says, "20 years of print with Denny Bros Limited."
20 years of office devices and production print at Denny Bros Limited
Here's how Denny Bros Limited currently utilise Xerox devices and tailored Print Sampler software in the office.
The title says, "A Hat-Trick for KJS Print to Mail Services Ltd (We Are Direct Mail)."
A Hat-Trick for Peterborough’s KJS Print to Mail Services Ltd (We Are Direct Mail)
Two new Xerox Nuveras and a Xerox Versant 4100 backed by a tailored service and support plan from First Copy for KJS.
The title says, "Emergence Property Invests In Office Technology."
Emergence Property invests in office technology for hybrid and home working productivity
Emergence Property invests in office technology with First Copy for hybrid and home working productivity.
The title says, "Another Xerox Iridesse Production Press For Kellmatt."
Another Xerox Iridesse Production Press for Kellmatt
Why have one Iridesse when you can have two? Learn how and why Kellmatt installed a second Xerox Iridesse Production Press.
First Copy case study template image featuring text 'Case Study: GP Print' and an image of a Xerox production press peeking through three triangles in blue, red and white.
GP Print embrace expanded capabilities with Xerox Versant 4100 Press
The installation of a Versant 4100 for GP Print will bring even better quality print for the team and an extended range of stocks, including heavier-weight...
Branded template image with First Copy logo, title 'New Versant 280 at Fidelity Design & Print' and a photo of a man and woman with their new printing press.
Fidelity Design and Print invest in the future with Xerox Versant 280
First Copy was delighted to install its first Xerox Versant 280 with Adaptive CMYK+ Technology at Fidelity Design and Print in Bedford this week: one of...
A large white and blue digital printing press (a Xerox Iridesse) with doors closed on a purple carpet.
Another First Copy Iridesse install: this time for commercial printer Kellmatt of Borehamwood
A Xerox Iridesse Production Press arrived at Kellmatt yesterday, just in time for Christmas. Kellmatt prides itself on being an ever-adapting company continually...
A woman and a man stand outside of a glass building.
FCC Innovation’s Laura and Liz headed to Snailwell to meet Bryn Clark, IT Project Engineer, to find out more about why the company has chosen to invest...
The outside of a large brown office building.
Beatons Group
Print Sampler has improved Beatons Group workflow processes through automation and digitalisation, significantly reducing print costs.
A street with cars on the road and a bright yellow sunset.
Avelease is the UK’s leading independent specialist in commercial vehicle finance. With First Copy's help, they have installed SendSecure - a secure, cloud-based...
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