Are you a future Xerox Inkjet Colourful Hero?

Perhaps you have already invested in digital inkjet technology - or perhaps you a Colourful Hero of the future!

Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press

Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press

The Xerox portfolio of production inkjet presses includes the Trivor, Rialto and Brenva, all of which bring new levels of accessible and affordable inkjet printing to the industry.

At its simplest, digital inkjet printing means recreating a digital image from a computer as a printed product. Here at First Copy, when we talk about inkjet, we’re not generally referring to a small printer that lives in a home office for occasional use, but rather professional machines for commercial operations – digital inkjet presses, both as cut-sheet and continuous feed devices.

Digital inkjet printing, in comparison to more traditional offset printing, is better suited to on-demand printing: short runs, short turnarounds and variable data. Digital inkjet provides the opportunity to wave goodbye to regular printing plate replacements and the additional time for changeover between jobs, handling the increasing complexity of today’s print market as it evolves with brands and products.

Inkjet printers squirt tiny dots of ink through nozzles onto paper, while laser printers use toner, electrically charged powder, to produce the image. This is what separates the likes of the Trivor, Rialto and Brenva from other production Xerox devices, which use cutting-edge dry toners instead. What suits you will depend on the unique requirements of your print room.

Xerox have brought together a group of Inkjet Colourful Heroes from around the globe to demonstrate exactly why inkjet can be such an opportunity

A little more on the presses:

The Xerox Trivor 2400 HD Inkjet Press is a continuous feed printer capable of producing 76m/minute of colour print. It carries an impressive duty cycle of up to 30 million colour (or 68 million mono) A4 impressions per month.

Meanwhile, the Xerox Brenva HD Production Press marries the flexibility of a cut-sheet device with the economics of inkjet, boasting a rated speed of 197 A4/minute. It can optionally be used as a monochrome device and has a recommended monthly volume of 750,000-3,000,000 pages.

Finally for the purposes of this post, the Xerox Rialto 900 Inkjet Press is a roll-to-cut-sheet press that works brilliantly in a smaller-than-you-might-expect package. Designed to be extremely efficient and flexible, its rated speed is up to 48m/minute of single pass duplex and its recommended average monthly volume 1.5-5 million images per month.

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