Turtle talk: reducing plastic with digital printing

The future of all new life now depends on us” - so said Sir David Attenborough as he closed the final episode of Blue Planet II.

180402 Turtle Pixabay 600x400.jpg

Scenes of turtles tangled in plastic waste generated by today’s throw-away society rightly got people thinking about the plastic they use personally as well as that discarded by the organisations they buy from and do business with. Can the print industry help drive a change? 

We think it can.

The outcry is already leading to a change in the way that companies and brands use plastics, strengthened by the long-term government ‘national plan of action’ to eradicate avoidable plastic waste by 2042, and more recent proposals to bring in a deposit scheme on single-use plastic bottles.

Here at First Copy we are excited by the opportunities this could bring for digital printing on carton board and thicker stocks. A multitude of folding trays and packaging can be created, either coated or otherwise, to meet the specific needs of your customers. Carton board can be more sustainable than flexible plastics and is easier to recycle. Furthermore, consumers often associate paper and card packaging with premium brand values when compared to plastic alternatives. We can help you stem the tide of plastic to everyone’s benefit – including the turtles.

The Xerox iGen portfolio is the most widely-adopted series of digital folding carton printing solutions on the market. The benefits of digital printing – speed, quality, economics – together with automated pre-press and digital finishing adds up to a great deal for professional print. What’s more, it’s possible to deliver short runs with versioning and customisation that render each carton unique, further multiplying the profitability of the opportunity.

Digital printing opens up a plethora of options for creative campaigns and web to print. Brand requirements for shorter print runs, faster turnaround times, variable-data packaging, multiple sizes and types of similar products, and shorter product life cycles are all pushing forward digital printing, which can react much more quickly to these types of jobs than traditional print.

Watch this Xerox video to see how the Alexir Partnership has championed digital print to great effect, creating cutting-edge packaging in a fully in-line solution from pdf to variable-data printed product in minutes:

Find out more about digital  printing to carton board and thicker stocks, as well as the opportunities it offers your business, by getting in touch with our experts today.