Scaling new heights: the Xerox Baltoro HF Inkjet Press

The beautiful Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan is one of the longest glaciers outside the Earth's polar regions. Now, Xerox has given the name Baltoro to its newest press, which aims to provide an entry-level, high-speed, cut-sheet inkjet opportunity for customers looking to make the leap from toner-based devices.

Baltoro Glacier First Copy Scales New Heights with Xerox Baltoro HF Industrial Inkjet Press

Xerox's watchwords for the Baltoro are value, volume and velocity. This press is a combination of heritage design and leading technology created to offer an optimum balance of beauty and budget. Create high-end direct mail, books and commercial print with the latest innovation in the cut-sheet inkjet class.

The Baltoro is a single-vendor design and Xerox have questioned and innovated repeatedly to create a press that leads the competition. Everything has been reassessed, reevaluated and redesigned - from the engine to the printheads to the ink - and it shows. This is a brand new machine in a slightly more familiar box. Here's a little more about the features and capabilities of the all new Xerox Baltoro HF Industrial Inkjet Press...

It's capable of stunning image quality. Providing 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution with its High Fusion print engine with High Fusion W-Series Inkjet Heads (optimised for High Fusion inks) you get true high definition with the Baltoro and a class-leading print width. This makes it 115% more productive than the competition in its class on legal-sized jobs.

It's adaptable. The press opens up opportunties to use a range of offset coated media like matts, silks, satins and more with its new High Fusion Ink without any primers or precoats. Because the Baltoro can make great use of both low-cost and higher-end stocks without the need for pre-treatments or coatings you can be extremely flexible with your offerings, and what's even better, is that the output is more sustainable - a benefit customers are increasingly demanding. 

It's economical. Cost Quality Optimisation (CQO) offers the ability to find your ideal balance of ink coverage, cost and quality. It means you can deliver custom image quality and colour for every job and satisfy individual customer demands through features in Xerox FreeFlow Print Server. 

It's fast. With speeds of up to 300 ppm and able to produce up to three million pages per month, the Baltoro is a worthy successor to the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press.

It's oh so clever. The Baltoro's brain, with Automated Intelligence and Advanced Image Controls (AI), allows it to monitor, diagnose and self-correct colour and workflow (based on the substrate type) in real-time, using technologies like the Xerox-exclusive Clear Pixel Plus. This inbuilt intelligence delivers the ideal fusion of media and ink, providing great results on a wide variety of stocks. Meanwhile, real-time missing jet compensation happens automatically if the Integrated Full Width Array technology finds missing jet defects in the output.

It's mono if you want it to be. The Baltoro offers an optional K-only mode, helping you be more efficient.

It's forward-looking. An investment in the Xerox Baltoro is an investment in future-proof flexibility, because the press has enough add-on capabilities to keep you profitable and productive for years to come. 

It's (even more) automated. Fantastic integration with Xerox FreeFlow Core removes manual prepress steps to cut your costs and boost your turnaround times. With a drag-and-drop interface, you can free up your team's time to concentrate on higher-value and additional jobs. In addition, Xerox FreeFlow Print Server gives the ability to add new jobs even while the press is operating.

It's nice to have around. The Baltoro also offers a relatively small footprint and energy consumption (compared to competitors) to further sweeten the deal. 

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