No more mellow yellow: Fluorescent Dry Ink is here!

Fluorescence: the quality of a colour, material, etc. that appears very bright when light shines on it, so it can be seen in the dark.


Xerox launch Fluorescent Yellow Dry Specialty Ink

Xerox launch Fluorescent Yellow Dry Specialty Ink

We can already supply iridescence, and now we can supply fluorescence too, with newly-unveiled Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink. It’s the most in-your-face colour for the iGen 5’s fifth print station yet, and joins the existing gamut extension colours (orange, green and blue) that sit alongside options for white and clear dry inks.

Xerox believe that in the iGen 5 they offer the most versatile digital colour production, cut-sheet press available today.

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Add UV light and see Fluorescent Yellow Ink shine.

Add UV light and see Fluorescent Yellow Ink shine.

The new Fluorescent Yellow is designed to glow under UV light, reflecting twice as much light as other colours, and opens up a wide variety of applications to commercial printers, including high-value Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) caution and safety signage. There are also innumerable opportunities with book covers, direct mail and packaging.

It’s not just called ‘fluorescent’ – it is fluorescent. We’re talking high profit, high-value print as a result of yet more innovative development from Xerox. Toner technology is becoming ever more sophisticated, and this is the next example of the company ‘not just thinking about the future, but making it’. Xerox took the science behind the tennis ball, and ran with it:

Teamed with Xerox FreeFlow Core, you can batch jobs by Specialty Dry Ink, optimising your workflow and maintaining a seamless flow of jobs. The extra bright colour is something new for digital print, and in comparison to neon-coloured toner it’s electrifying in its impact.

Last week’s press release from Xerox also included the announcement of another optional capability for the Xerox iGen 5: the extra-long sheet (XLS). Now able to take up to a 35-inch sheet size, without compromising rated speed, it’s another enhancement aiming to improve the versatility and scalability of existing iGen customers’ investments, offering up to 25% more productivity and opening up opportunities for panoramic work.

Accolades are already coming in, with the two enhancements earning Xerox a RED HOT Technology award apiece from the Association for Print Technologies

With iGen 5, the fifth print station just keeps on getting more versatile. Ready to expand into fluorescent prints?