De-inkability is de-lightful: sustainability boost for Iridesse

We already know that the Xerox Iridesse Production Press is THE most desirable digital press on the market today. And now there is even more reason to invest, because INGEDE has given the Iridesse a Pass with a deinkability score of 100/100 for CMYK as well as gold, silver, clear and white. 


This means that a key part of the recycling process, deinkability, is possible for all of the Iridesse’s coloured and metallic dry inks, making it the ideal press for sustainability-minded printers that do not want a large quantity of their output one day contributing to landfill. 

INGEDE, the International Association of the Deinking Industry, describe themselves as ‘the deinkers’ and it is huge news for Xerox that their tests have given CMYK, clear, gold, silver and white inks a perfect 100 result.

Paper recycling saves energy and saves water, which together with a reduction in the requirement for new resources lowers the environmental impact of using paper. Deinking and recycling provides the print industry with raw fibres for reprinting and is a key part of efforts to improve the sustainability of the print industry and reduce our carbon footprint as a society. 

Paper recycling deniability

The ‘Assessment of Printed Product Recyclability – Deinkability Score’ is used to assess the recyclability of a printed product. You can find out more in the European Paper Recycling Council’s user’s manual. Deinkability is crucial to produce a bright pulp suitable for reuse in a wide range of recycled paper and board, and it is important that the pulp quality is such that recycled products are of a similar quality to the original ones. Deinkability is tested using INGEDE Method 11, the results of which form Deinkability Scores covering five parameters: luminosity, colour, cleanliness, ink elimination and filtrate darkening.

Do all competing products from other manufacturers offer the same de-inkability score? Absolutely not. Unfortunately, if you cannot de-ink well, you cannot recycle into high-grade products. In a world where consumers are demanding more sustainable options, and turning their back on single-use products, isn’t it time to give the Xerox Iridesse a look? Call our experts now to find out more.