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No more mellow yellow: Fluorescent Dry Ink is here!

We can already supply iridescence, and now we can supply fluorescence too, with newly unveiled Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink. It’s the most in-your-face colour for the iGen 5’s fifth print station yet, and joins the existing gamut extension colours (orange, green and blue) that sit alongside options for white and clear dry inks.

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We prescribe a Nuvera: new Ultra-Lightweight Stock Printing Kit available now

Print, flip, and stack ultra-light stocks of just 44gsm, at sizes up to SRA3, without slowing the flow of jobs. That’s the lightest stock weight in the industry on our maximum sheet size. Sound good? We can now offer a kit for the Nuvera that can do just that, and it’s an industry-leading capability unique to Xerox.

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Incredible Iridescence: Meet the New Xerox Press

Originating in the late 18th century from the Latin ‘iris’ or ‘irid’ for ‘rainbow’, iridescence is a concept we’re all familiar with. For you it might relate to peacock feathers, bubbles, CDs (anybody remember those?), sea shells or minerals – just a starter for ten. Now, those amazing, high-sheen effects can be achieved in all their glory on the Xerox Iridesse Production Press in a more practical way than ever before.

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