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Our thoughts on office print and technology, graphic arts printers and presses, industry news and emerging trends.

The title says, "10 document frustrations: solved".
Ten common document transformation frustrations: solved
Documents are central to most businesses and other organisations. It can be frustrating and time-consuming to deal with transformation challenges whilst...
The text says, 'Measuring Energy Consumption of Digital Production Printing Presses'.
Measuring Energy Consumption of Digital Production Printing Presses
It isn't easy to compare professional printing presses to see which is likely to put the most pressure on your electricity bill. This blog post considers...
The title says, "Green offices: Cost or Investment". There is a picture of two men and three women wearing smart clothes standing in front of a window talking to each other. On the surface of the table in front of them, you can see their reflections.
Green offices: Cost or Investment?
Business owners are under increasing pressure to operate more sustainably, and many would like their offices and operations to become more eco-friendly....
Print Industry Service Expectations: Manufacturer & Supplier
This month's blog post explores why a channel partner can be an excellent option for your print devices and what you can expect regarding our helpdesk,...
The title says, "10 ways to reduce your office energy bills".
How to reduce office print and technology energy bills
In light of rising costs - seemingly across the board - and record inflation, we're turning our attention to reducing your outgoings in this month's blog...
Where are my consumables? 2022 print industry supply issues
The print industry is facing supply issues and at First Copy, we want to tackle these challenges head-on. We discuss why there are delays and how we can...
The text says, "Greener printing: Is your paper sustainable?" There is a photo of a stack of paper.
Greener printing: is your paper sustainable?
Buying more sustainable paper can have a significant impact on the welfare of our forests. This post looks at all aspects of paper, including some of the...
The text says, 'Addressing 10 cons of flexible working.'
Ten cons of flexible working (and how to address them!)
Flexible working remains on the agenda and as 2022 progresses we expect even more flexibility in the workplace as restrictions fall away. In this post...
Commercial print opportunities 2022: print for the iGen generation
As we look ahead to 2022, we've decided to consider what Gen Z (the ‘iGen generation’) is looking for when it comes to print, as well as how you might...
A pregnant white woman smiling into the camera sat down.
Ten good reasons to embrace flexible work
We list ten good reasons why businesses should consider enabling flexible working in ways that work for them. The good news? We haven't even counted the...
First Copy template image with the text 'Ten Tips For Designing Effective And Professional Business Cards'.
Ten tips for designing effective and professional business cards
Business cards are a great way to market your business to potential clients, so you want to make the most of them. In this article, you’ll learn how to...
Energy efficient office printers. A woman working on her laptop.
Energy-efficient office printers: how to reduce your electricity bills
As rising energy bills make the news, businesses are assessing how they can save money on gas and electricity as they recover from what has already been...
The title says, "What's changed since your last press?"
What's changed since you last upgraded? A Xerox and First Copy production print timeline.
We all know Xerox is an old and respected brand credited with inventions that we now take for granted. But is Xerox still innovating today?
A black woman on her laptop holding a mug of coffee. Located in a home office.
Print management for the home office: solutions for hybrid workers
Our blog looks at managing print for home, hybrid and remote workers. We consider how to integrate home office printers with A3 'hallway' MFPs in shared...
The text says, 'The Problem With Digitally-Printed Orange (And How To Solve It)'
The problem with digitally-printed orange (and how to solve it)
Colour matching is an area in which offset excels - digital competition has previously been unable to match as many brand colours. But is this changing?...
A white woman looking at some paper in her hand.
Post-pandemic office print: what now for Managed Print Services (MPS)?
How and where do employees print post-pandemic? What's changed for Managed Print Services? We look at some broad categories of ‘where we are nows’ for...
A woman writing on a clear whiteboard in front of the camera lens in white ink, like a flowchart.
What are office workflow solutions?
Everyone seems to talk about them, but what actually are workflow solutions, and why should you be considering them? This month we go back to basics to...
The title says, "Is digital packaging a more sustainable option?"
Is digital packaging a more sustainable option?
In the UK, we handle many different packaged products every single day. In this blog we consider digital packaging's sustainability credentials and where...
A man in a mask disinfects a table.
Return to the shared workplace? Ten features of a post-COVID-19 office
Is it time to 'go back to the office' in part or in full? Read on as we summarise the challenges (and the potential solutions and management thereof) that...
Ten Top Trends for Commercial Printers in 2021
This month we're focusing on hope and positivity. As the vaccine roll-out continues and we eye the return of shared leisure activities, celebrations and...
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Text says, 'MFD or MFP?' There is a young black woman wearing a yellow jumper, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop. She rests her head on her hand in thought.
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Printing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
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What's the difference between the Versant 4100 and the Versant 280?
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a cartoon drawing of a book and tablet/phone with boxing gloves on. They are staring at each other angrily
Print Vs Digital: Communication Styles & Strategies
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