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Our thoughts on office print and technology, graphic arts printers and presses, industry news and emerging trends.

The text says, "The Language of Business Connect in 40+ languages with Xerox".
The Language of Business: Connect in 40+ languages with Xerox
Communication is the key to success, but communicating across languages isn't always easy. Enter the Xerox Easy Translator Service app.
The title says, "Supporting Sustainability Goals meet Enterprise Content Management".
Supporting Sustainability Goals With Enterprise Content Management
A well-managed Enterprise Content Management system can help you meet your sustainability goals. We explore what that means.
Xerox's logo when they were known as Haloid, with a green arrow pointing to their new red Xerox logo next to it.
History of Xerox
The history of Xerox, where we answer who made the first copier, if it was Xerox, and what Xerox is up to now, over 100 years later.
The title says, "The complete guide to Xerox Eco Boxes and Toners".
The complete guide to Xerox Eco Boxes and Toners
Everything you need to know about Eco Boxes and Xerox toners - because your consumables should be recycled and remanufactured.
The title says, "Making the 'paperless office' a reality".
Making the 'paperless office' your reality
YouGov research suggests that 84% of businesses print paperwork purely to get a signature. Read on for ten great reasons to consider moving towards paperless.
The title says, "Are You Still Aiming for a Paperless Office?"
Are You Still Aiming for a Paperless Office?
At First Copy, we think entirely paperless offices won't be the norm for quite some time to come. Here are some reasons why...
The title says, "Printing & Corporate social responsibility (CSR)".
Printing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Many businesses have a Corporate Social Responsibility policy or plan and report against ESG benchmarks. Here's how printing comes into it.
The title says, "What to expect on a Managed Print Services invoice from First Copy".
What to expect on a Managed Print Services invoice from First Copy
We do not hide anything in our invoices. Instead, we keep them clear and concise. Here's a breakdown of them.
The title says, "Sustainability Value Add: Print Accreditations And How First Copy Can Help".
Sustainability Value Add: Print Accreditations and how First Copy can help
We want to help you go greener. Here are what accreditations for print sustainability we see most often and how we can support you.
The text says, "Why Does My Managed Print Provider Keep Talking About Software?"
Why Does My Managed Print Provider Keep Talking About Software?
Your MPS provider wants to offer you more than just a printing machine. They want to support your operational needs with pieces of software.
The side profile of a woman sat at her desk wearing a headset.
Do you understand your contract? Questions to ask your Managed Print Provider
There are many good reasons to get a MPS contract. But how do you know which proposal is best and most cost-effective?
"Full Expensing for Print and IT Investments" title text with First Copy logo and a woman looking at her phone at a desk.
Full Expensing for Print & IT Investments (Printers, MPS, Presses)
Could full expensing support your next investment? Read our blog to learn if it could be the right answer for you.
The title says, "Is Automation And AI In The Print Industry Sustainable?"
Is automation and AI in the print industry sustainable?
Is automation and AI in the print industry sustainable? We explore all in this November blog.
The title says, "How do you compare the sustainability of office printers."
How do you compare the sustainability of office printers?
In this guide, we've tried to give objective advice for comparing sustainable print and MFP models against key criteria.
The text says, "Finding a Market for Beyond CMYK Printing."
Finding a Market for Beyond CMYK Printing
Our October blog is all about us helping you find a market for Beyond CMYK - and the possibilities are endless!
The title says, "Marketers! Here's How to Use Beyond CMYK."
Marketers! Here's How to Use Beyond CMYK
Wondering how to Use Beyond CMYK? We can help. In this post, we provide advice and resources for those in the marketing industry.
The text says, "What is 'Beyond CMYK'?" There is a photo of a printed postcard sample highlighting gold and fluorescent pink by using Beyond CMYK.
What is 'Beyond CMYK'?
Until recently, most digital colour production print was produced with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (K) inks or toners. No more! Here comes ‘Beyond...
First Copy Template image with text 'Online Storefronts for Print Service Providers. Image shows a young black woman drinking from a coffee mug and looking at a computer screen.
Online Storefronts for Print Service Providers
Thinking about hooking your printing workflow into an online storefront or perhaps multiple online portals for key accounts? Learn more here.
First Copy template image with the text 'Managed Print for Schools and Universities' and an image of a teacher and two students with worksheets.
Managed Print Services for Schools, Colleges and Universities
A streamlined printer fleet and appropriate solutions and services can save your school money, strengthen security and improve reliability. Learn more...
a cartoon drawing of a book and tablet/phone with boxing gloves on. They are staring at each other angrily
Print Vs Digital: Communication Styles & Strategies
Print vs. Digital. Books or tablets? Leaflets or online ads? Join us as we navigate the advantages and disadvantages of pixels and pages.
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Text says, 'MFD or MFP?' There is a young black woman wearing a yellow jumper, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop. She rests her head on her hand in thought.
What's the difference between an MFD and an MFP?
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The title says, "Cambridge Standing Tall Auction: Bid, Watch, Buy".
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The text says, 'Measuring Energy Consumption of Digital Production Printing Presses'.
Measuring Energy Consumption of Digital Production Printing Presses
It isn't easy to compare professional printing presses to see which is likely to put the most pressure on your electricity bill. This blog post...
The title says, "What is the flop index?"
What is the Flop Index?
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